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Tech Reports Published before 2000

The Institute for Learning Sciences: Tech Reports published pre-1999. 

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Reports published in 1999

NWU-CS-99-3, Schopf, Jennifer M.; Berman, Francine, Stochastic scheduling. PDF

NWU-CS-99-2, Schopf, Jennifer M., A practical methodology for defining histograms for predictions and scheduling.  PDF

NWU-CS-99-1: Schopf, Jennifer M.; Berman, Francine, Using stochastic intervals to predict application behavior on contended resources.  PDF

tech_rep_74,Schank, Roger C; Measurement, Course Design, And The Rise Of The Virtual University. (no file)

Reports published in 1994

tech_rep_51, Kass, Alex; Allender, Laura; Burke, Noreen; Dooley, Scott; Fitzgerald, Will; Schneider, Wayne; The Casper Project: Integrating Simulation, Case Presentation, And Socratic Tutoring To Teach Diagnostic-Solving In Complex Domains. (PDF)

tech_rep_52, Osgood, Richard E. Osgood; The Conceptual Indexing Of Conversational Hypertext. (PDF)

tech_rep_53, Pryor, Louise Margaret; Opportunities And Planning In An Unpredictable World. (PDF)

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Reports published in 1993

tech_rep_41, Collins, Greg; Pryor, Louise: Planning For Contingencies. (PDF)

tech_rep_42, Kass, Alex; McGee, Steven; The Road Trip Project: Learning Geography Through Simulated Travel. (PDF)

tech_rep_43, Edelson, Daniel Choy; Learning From Stories: Indexing And Reminding In A Socratic Case-Based Teaching System For Elementary School Biology. (PDF)

tech_rep_44, Birnbaum, Lawrence; Collins, Greg; Towards A General Theory Of Planning And Design. (PDF)

tech_rep_45, Merrill, Douglas C; Reiser, Brian J; Merrill, Shannon K; Landes, Shari; Tutoring: Guided Learning By Doing. (PDF)

tech_rep_46, Krulwich, Bruce Tepper; Flexible Learning In A Multi-Component Planning System. (PDF)

tech_rep_49, Sgouros, Nikitas Marinos; Representing Physical And Design Knowledge In Innovative Engineering Design. (PDF)

tech_rep_50, Burke, Robin Douglas; Representation, Storage And Retrieval Of Stories In A Social Simulation. (PDF)

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Reports published in 1992

tech_rep_27, Schank, Roger C; Bareiss, Ray; Fano, Andrew; Osgood, Richard; Ferguson, William; Agents In The Story Archive. (no file)

tech_rep_30, Ohmaye, Enio; Simulation-Based Language Learning: An Architecture And A Multimedia Authoring Tool. (PDF)

tech_rep_35, Collins, Greg; Pryor, Louise; Representation And Performance In A Partial Order Planning. (PDF)

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Reports published in 1991

tech_rep_9, Forbus, Kenneth D; Nielsen, Paul; Faltings, Boi; Qualitative Spatial Reasoning: The Clock Project. (PDF)

tech_rep_11, Kass, Alex; Question Asking, Artificial Intelligence, And Human Creativity. (PDF)

tech_rep_16, Schank, Roger C; Where's The AI. (PDF)

tech_rep_17, Birnbaum, Lawrence; Rigor Mortis: A Response To Nilsson's 'Logic And Artifical Intelligence'. (PDF)

tech_rep_19, Slator, Brian M; Fidel, Kerim C; Zabloudil, Maureen; Gordon, Andrew; Engber, Michael S; Offer-Yehoshua, Tamar; Underwood, Ian; Taxops: Giving Expert Advice To Experts. (PDF)

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Reports published in 1990

tech_rep_3, Schank, Roger C; Teaching Architectures. (PDF)

tech_rep_5, Cooper, Paul R; Parallel Structure Recognition with Uncertainty: Coupled Segmentation and Matching. (PDF)