Research Areas
Programming Languages

In Programming Languages research, we explore the ways in which computations are expressed in written form. Our research focuses on three central ideas: the semantics of a particular piece of program and its relationships with surrounding parts, the efficiency of a program's execution, and the design of programming languages that enable people to express their ideas accurately.


Photo of Simone Campanoni

Simone Campanoni

Associate Professor of Computer Science and (by courtesy) Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Photo of Christos Dimoulas

Christos Dimoulas

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

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Photo of Robby Findler

Robby Findler

Professor of Computer Science

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Photo of Eleanor O'Rourke

Eleanor O'Rourke

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Assistant Professor of Education and Social Policy

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Photo of Vincent St-Amour

Vincent St-Amour

Associate Professor of Instruction

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