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Exploring the Ethics of Emerging Science

Engineers, researchers, and artists discussed new ethical questions emerging from scientific research during a joint event with The Block Museum of Art.read more


Advancing Research through the Robot Design Studio

Mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering students collaborate to create two robots to advance work of mechanical engineering faculty.read more


Teaching CRISPR, Antibiotic Resistance to Students

BioBits Health brings hands-on, low-cost, high-tech synthetic biology into the high school classroom.read more


Finding Solutions to Drought and Water Insecurity

Researchers discussed drought, insecurity, and conflict at the Fourth Annual Symposium on Water in Israel and the Middle East. read more

Whole-Brain Engineering

It takes a different way of thinking to connect disparate fields, put big ideas into action, solve global problems, and imagine what’s next. It takes left-brain analytical skills. It takes right-brain creativity.

It takes whole-brain engineering.

Join us as we take the world in a whole new direction.

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