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Dean Julio M. Ottino

McCormick’s Approach to Innovation Featured in Forbes

Forbes profiles Dean Julio M. Ottino’s nonlinear approach to innovating engineering education at Northwestern.read more

Printing Graphene in 3-D

A new ink formulation allows for the 3-D printing of graphene structures for tissue engineering and electronic applications.read more

Diverse Sea Creatures Evolved to Reach Same Swimming Solution

Study shows 22 aquatic creatures have evolved to swim using the same mechanical motion that optimizes their speed, helping them to survive.read more

Northwestern SAE Teams Hit the Streets

With upgraded vehicles, the Formula and Baja SAE teams are gearing up for three competitions.read more

computer simulation

Muscles Matter in Baseball Injuries

Northwestern biomedical engineers have created a new computer simulation to analyze the biomechanics behind pitching a baseball.read more

Cancer's Game of Chance

A new computational model elucidates the dynamic interplay between cancer and the immune system at the disease's earliest stages.read more

Whole-Brain Engineering™

At McCormick, we empower our students to become whole-brain engineers. We integrate elements of left-brain thinking—analysis, logic, and math—with the high-level right-brain thinking that fosters intuition and creativity. The future belongs to those who can combine both ways of thinking to lead, innovate, and help solve the world's most pressing problems.