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Northwestern-invented Biomaterial Technology Moves to Market

A medical product based on novel biomaterials pioneered in Guillermo Ameer’s laboratory will be widely available for use in musculoskeletal surgeries to directly benefit patients.Read more

Winged Microchip Smallest-ever Human-made Flying Structure

The size of a grain of sand, dispersed microfliers could monitor air pollution, airborne disease, and environmental contamination.Read more

Now Everyone can Build Battery-free Electronic Devices

A new platform has been introduced that enables makers, hobbyists, and novice programmers to build their own battery-free electronic devices that run with intermittent, harvested energy.Read more

McCormick Names Winners of 2021 Cole-Higgins Awards

Five members of the Northwestern Engineering community have received the school’s annual awards for outstanding teaching and advising.Read more

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Making Bioelectronics More Effective and Compact

The work from Professor Jonathan Rivnay aims to bring function from the so-called “back end” electronics to the actual recording site, resulting in devices demonstrating higher levels of amplification, signal processing, and decision making.

What Was Really the Secret Behind Van Gogh’s Success?

Northwestern researchers discovered that hot streaks directly result from years of exploration (studying diverse styles or topics) immediately followed by years of exploitation (focusing on a narrow area to develop deep expertise).

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