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Researchers Develop a Completely New Kind of Polymer

The hybrid polymer could one day impact self-repairing materials and drug delivery.read more


Data as Art Showcases Collaborative Projects

Projects from the class will be on display in the Ford Center until February 19.read more


Researchers Pinpoint Place Where Cancer Cells May Begin

Northwestern scientists use fruit fly genetics to understand how things could go wrong in cancer.read more

Building Concrete Shelters on Mars

Northwestern Engineers developed a Martian concrete that uses materials naturally found on the Red Planet.read more

3-D Printing Metals and Alloys

New rapid method expands the types of metals, alloys, and architectures that can be printed.read more

Engineering Flow

Bryan Pardo develops easy-to-use audio software.watch the video

A Different Way of Thinking

It takes a different way of thinking to connect disparate fields, put big ideas into action, solve global problems, and imagine what’s next. It takes left-brain analytical skills. It takes right-brain creativity.

It takes whole-brain engineering.

Join us as we take the world in a whole new direction.