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Superlattice Design Realizes Elusive Multiferroic Properties

The new design could open the door for improved electronics. read more

Unusual Use of Blue Pigment Found in Ancient Mummy Portraits

A Northwestern-Hearst Museum of Anthropology collaboration reveals the hidden color.read more

Jerry the Bear Visits the White House

Northwestern Engineering alumni showcased the interactive teddy bear as a part of the first Demo Day.read more


$17.5 Million Grant for HIV Prevention Research

Northwestern scientists seek to develop and test an implantable drug delivery system to protect high-risk individuals from HIV infection.read more


Designing the First Artificial Ribosome

Michael Jewett's engineered ribosome may enable the production of new drugs and next-generation biomaterials.read more

Allergan to Acquire Naurex

The transaction represents the culmination of more than 30 years of neuropharmaceutical development in the laboratory of Northwestern Engineering professor Joseph Moskal.read more

Whole-Brain Engineering™

At McCormick, we empower our students to become whole-brain engineers. We integrate elements of left-brain thinking—analysis, logic, and math—with the high-level right-brain thinking that fosters intuition and creativity. The future belongs to those who can combine both ways of thinking to lead, innovate, and help solve the world's most pressing problems.