McCormick Advisory Council

The McCormick Advisory Council (MAC) plays a critical role in helping to shape McCormick’s strategy.

The MAC provides feedback and counsel to the dean of the McCormick School from both business and academic perspectives to ensure that McCormick continues to excel in all areas of engineering research, education, and practice. MAC members serve for renewable terms.

MAC Mission and Contributions Framework

Current Members

Photo of Curt J. Andersson

Curt J. Andersson

BSEE '84

Senior Vice President, The Mitchell Madison Group

Photo of Peter J. Barris

Peter J. Barris

BSEE '74

Managing General Partner, New Enterprise Associates

Photo of Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss

BSCS '87

Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Photo of Alicia Boler-Davis

Alicia Boler-Davis


Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing, General Motors Company

Photo of Dennis Chookaszian

Dennis Chookaszian


Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CNA Insurance Companies

Photo of John A. Dever

John A. Dever

BSEE '51

Retired, Honeywell, Inc.

Photo of Wilbur H. Gantz

Wilbur H. Gantz

President and CEO, PathoCapital LLC

Photo of Paul R. Gudonis

Paul R. Gudonis

BSEE '76

Chairman and CEO, Myomo, Inc.

Photo of Warren R. Haug

Warren R. Haug

MSCHE '63, PhDCHE '65

Adjunct Professor, McCormick School; Retired — Vice President, The Procter & Gamble Company

Photo of Yie-Hsin Hung

Yie-Hsin Hung

BSME '84

Chief Executive Officer, New York Life Investments Group

Photo of Theodore Karwoski

Theodore Karwoski

MS '81

Vice President of Operations, Atrium Medical Corporation

Photo of Kenneth C. Kirsch

Kenneth C. Kirsch

WCAS '75, MS/IEMS '78, PhD/IEMS '80

President and CEO, Kirsch Triangle Associates, LLC

Photo of Noel Kullavanijaya

Noel Kullavanijaya

BSME '82, MSME '85, KSM '86

Principal, Equilibrium Capital Group

Photo of Matthew Levatich

Matthew Levatich


President and CEO, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Photo of Priscilla Marilyn Lu

Priscilla Marilyn Lu

PhD/CSCI '80

Asia Head Sustainable Investment Group, Deutsche Bank

Photo of Patrick R. McCarter

Patrick R. McCarter

BSIE '98

Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Photo of Gregory Merchant

Gregory Merchant

PhD/ESAM '90

Financial Consultant

Photo of Milton M. Morris

Milton M. Morris

BSEE '92, KSM '04

CEO, NeuSpera Medical, Inc.

Photo of Tania Neild

Tania Neild

PhD/Computer Engineering ’99

President, Infograte, Inc.

Photo of David L. Nichols

David L. Nichols

BSCS '91, KSM '00

America's CIO Services Leader, Ernst & Young US LLC

Photo of Richard Padula

Richard Padula

BSIE '84

Head of Mobile Application Unit, SAP AG

Photo of Robert L. Peskin

Robert L. Peskin

MSCEE '75, PhD '77

Senior Consulting Manager, Transportation, AECOM

Photo of David L. Porges

David L. Porges

BSIE '79

President and CEO, EQT Corporation

Photo of Kenneth J. Porrello

Kenneth J. Porrello

BSIE '78, KSM '82

MAC Chairperson
Senior Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Photo of Vivek Ragavan

Vivek Ragavan

BSEE '74

President and CEO, Actelis, Inc.

Photo of Annette Peterson Rippert

Annette Peterson Rippert

BSCS '86, MMGT '94

Senior Managing Director, North America Accenture Technology

Photo of David A. Sachs

David A. Sachs

BSIE '81

Senior Partner, Ares Management, LLC

Photo of Robert E. Shaw

Robert E. Shaw

BSME '70, KSM '81

Retired Vice President and Co-Owner, Milex Products, Inc.

Photo of Gwynne Shotwell

Gwynne Shotwell

BSME '86, MSESAM '88

President, SpaceX

Photo of Michael J. Stark

Michael J. Stark

BSCI '78

Managing Director, Crosslink Capital

Photo of Tim Stojka

Tim Stojka

BSIE '89

CEO and Founder, Agentis Energy

Photo of Robert B. Taggart

Robert B. Taggart

BSME '67, MSME '68

CEO, Chairman, and Founder, Chaparral Communications, Inc.

Photo of Michael Roger Walsh

Michael Roger Walsh

MS '83

Senior Advisor, Quotient

Photo of Todd Warren

Todd Warren

WCAS '87

Managing Director, Divergent Ventures

Photo of William J. White

William J. White

BSIE '61

Professor, Northwestern University; Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board, Bell & Howell Company

Photo of Howard B. Witt

Howard B. Witt

BSME '63

Retired CEO and Chairman, Littelfuse, Inc.

Photo of William A. Woodburn

William A. Woodburn

MSCI '75

Founding Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners

Past Members

Anthony L. Abbattista (BSCS '85)

Albert M. Anderson, Jr. (BSIE '57, MMGT '65 Kellogg)

Teruaki Aoki (PHD '70)

Viresh Bhatia (BSCS '88)

George H. Bodeen (BSCI '49, MS '70)

James C. Brailean (PHD '93)

Edward J. Campbell (BSIE '52, MBA '59)

David L. Carney (MS '68, PHD '72)

Christopher Clower (BSE '88)

Stanton R. Cook (BSME '49, H '85)

James Ellis Crenshaw (PHD '98)

Lester Crown (BSCH '46)

Lee A. Dayton, SR., MAC chairperson emeritus (BSIE '65)

Rhonda L. Dibachi (BSE '83)

Alfred C. Eckert, III (BSMT '71)

David Alan Eckert (BSME '77)

James Farley (BSEE '50)

Bob Feldmann (BSEE '76)

Kathleen R. Flaherty, MAC chairperson emeritus (WCAS '73, MS/IEMS '75, PhD '79)

William D. Ford, Ph.D. (MS '68, PHD '71)

Gregory A. Fraser, Ph.D. (BSME '77, MS '78)

Gary L. Frederick (BSE '68)

Donald N. Frey

James F. Gibbons (BSEE '53)

Richard A. Giesen (BBA '51)

Alvin L. Gorman

Ronald H. Haas (BSE '61, MS '62)

Richard C. Halpern

Ruth Mullen Harenchar, MAC chairperson emerita (MPH '76 Feinberg)

Ralph D. Hartung (BSCH '66 MS '68)

Richard D. Harza (BSME '44, MS '47)

Henry G. Herzing (BSEE '59)

James W. Hook (BSME '60)

Kristina M. Johnson

William J. Kroll, Jr. MAC chairperson emeritus (BSE '67, MS/MSE '71)

John C. Lieske, MD (BSBM '82)

Frank W. Luerssen

James F. McDonald

Michael K. McEvoy

Mark W. McGlothlin (BSCH '77, MEM '81)

Daniel D. Mickelson (BSCH '63)

Mark Mills

Thomas G. Moore (BSEE '86, MS '87)

D. Eugene Nugent (BSE '51)

Dorothy Oremus

Walter L. Orlandini (BSE '64)

Richard S. Pepper (BSCI '53)

Robert L. Puette, MAC chairperson emeritus (BSIE '64)

Elliott M. Philofsky (MS '66, PHD '68)

Warren W. Rasmussen (BSIE '53)

Erick A. Reickert (BSEE '58)

Norbert Riedel

Thomas John Ross

Janet C. Rutledge, Ph.D.

Smita N. Shah (BSCI '94)

Harold B. Smith (MBA '57, Trustee)

Frank G. Splitt, Ph.D. (MS '57, PHD '63)

Dean P. Stanley

William F. Stasior (BSEE '63, MS '66)

Shih-Wei Sun, Vice Chairman, United Microelectronics Corporation, (PhD/MSE '86)

Michael Sutton (BSCI '75)

Alan Taub

Richard T. Taylor (BSIE '74, MMGT '76 Kellogg)

John J. Tracy

Edward F. Voboril (BSIE '65)

Robert H. Wellington (BSME '44)

Patrick E. White, Ph.D. (MS '75, PHD '80)

Alan Wolfson (BSIE '80)

Charles Wu

Ava Harth Youngblood (BSCH '79)