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Each year the Department of Computer Science nominates students, faculty, and staff who have gone above and beyond to make our community better. We honor and recognize the following people who have worked tirelessly towards excellence in computer science mentoring, teaching, and service.

2021 – 2022 Awards

Outstanding Peer Mentor

Awarded for outstanding student mentorship in the CS community. Nominated by any member of the department.

Rohil Bahl (Winter quarter)
Cooper Barth (Fall quarter)
Abigail Coneeny (Fall quarter)
Chase Duvall (Fall quarter)
Olivia Escousse (Winter quarter)
Rohith Jayaraman (Winter quarter)
Dilan Nair (Winter quarter)
Ariella Silver (Fall quarter)
Jipeng Sun (Winter quarter)
Hannah Zimmerman (Fall quarter)

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Awarded for outstanding teaching assistantship in the CS community. Nominated by any member of the department.

Jiwon Choi (Fall quarter)
Madhav Suresh (Winter quarter)

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2020 – 2021

Student Heroes

  • Olivia Gallagher
  • Kevin Mendoza Tudares

PhD Student Research Award

  • Maitraye Dasr
  • Yiding Feng
  • Lukas Lazarek
  • Chenkai Weng

Outstanding Peer Mentors

  • Spencer Colton (Fall quarter)
  • Ben Fisk (Winter quarter)
  • Olivia Gallagher (Winter quarter)
  • Aaron Nelson (Spring quarter)
  • Liam O'Carroll (Winter quarter)
  • Linus Okoth (Spring quarter)
  • Rafael Rodriguez (Winter quarter)
  • Chris Song (Spring quarter)
  • Li Kang Tan (Spring quarter)
  • Peter Zhong (Spring quarter)

Outstanding Teaching Assistants

  • Rawan Alharbi (Spring quarter)
  • Yash Patel (Winter quarter)
  • Natalie Melo (Fall quarter)

Instructors of the Year

  • Kate Compton
  • Jesse Tov

Faculty Service Award

Sara Sood

Best Research Mentors

  • Peter Dinda
  • Aravindan Vijayaraghavan

Staff Heroes

  • Julia Blend
  • Iliana Vargas

2019 – 2020

Student Hero

  • Anna Deng
  • Alayna Richmond

Outstanding Peer Mentor

  • Charlotte Jones (Spring quarter)
  • Anna Deng (Winter quarter)
  • Daniel Birnbaum (Fall quarter)

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

  • Florian Schiffers (Spring quarter)
  • Kaiyu Hou (Winter quarter)
  • Lief Rasmussen (Fall quarter)

Instructor of the Year

  • Steve Tarzia
  • Sarah Van Wart

Faculty Service Award

  • Robby Findler
  • Jennie Rogers

Best Research Mentor

Marcelo Worsley

Staff Hero

Melissa Duong