Department Operations and Facilities

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Access to Mudd Rooms and Keys

The third floor of Mudd is open to the public from 8am to 8pm. All entrances have card readers for after-hours access. To request room keys or swipecard access to a CS offices, labs, or conference rooms, email

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There are two printer/scanner/copier machines in the CS Department. One located in the mail room and one located in the central hallway across from room 3203. Instructions to install the drivers are provided at the following link:

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Tech Support

The McCormick Office of Information Technology maintains regular processes to deal with most IT needs. If you need support, email to MCC IT. A support ticket number will be generated; please use this ticket for all related correspondence in the header of your email replies.

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Office Supplies

The Department is stocked with general office supplies that can be found in drawers in the mailroom. If there are office supplies that you need that are not available, email to let them know and they will add it to the next supplies order.

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Mail Services & FedEx

The CS mail room is located behind the reception area on the West side of the building. Faculty, Post Doc, and PhD student mail boxes and materials for sending outgoing mail are located there. Please contact the PA2 to send Faculty correspondence via FED EX or USPS. Please contact Julia Blend to send equipment repairs and vendor returns/exchanges via FED EX.

Our regularly scheduled delivery and pick up is M-F at 2pm.

If your office is not located in the Mudd building on the 3rd floor, please check the NU directory on the website to make sure you have the correct mail room delivery stop listed for your office location.

NU Mail Services should only be used to send/receive departmental related mail. Receiving personal packages and sending personal outgoing mail is not permitted, per NU University Services’ policy.

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Package deliveries

When your orders are delivered to the department, you’ll receive an email to pick it up in the mailroom. You’ll find a clipboard next to the table with the boxes that lists your package. Please sign and date when you’ve picked it up and leave the packing slip in the basket. Julia uses the packing slip as proof of delivery in order to pay the invoice.

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Reserving a Conference Room or Booth

To reserve a meeting room (Mudd 3001, 3501 or 3108) or the Seminar Room (3514), please email

Be specific with your request, particularly with the following information:

  1. date
  2. time
  3. name of the event
  4. event contact name, email, and phone number
  5. estimated number of attendees, and
  6. audio/visual requests

Microsoft Outlook users can search for available rooms and submit requests by typing "Computer Science" in the location field of your calendar appointment.

You will receive a confirmation response from a staff member.


The following policies apply to all non-CS meeting requests:

  • No recurring events
  • No day-long events
  • No reservations outside of regular office hours (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday)
  • Requests for future quarters are not permitted.
  • During the first two weeks of a new quarter, reservations will be approved for dates up to four weeks from the date of the request. After, the initial two weeks of the quarter, requests for dates extending to the end of the quarter will be considered.

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Facilities Requests

Facilities requests for urgent repairs can be made by anyone by emailing The Department is not charged for these requests and a chartstring is not required.

For elective facilities requests, please email Katie Winters with a description of the request and the chartstring to be charged.

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