Student Groups & Organizations

Northwestern University PhD Student Advisory Council (CSPAC)

We seek to foster a community among Computer Science PhD students (CSPhDs), defined as all PhD students at Northwestern University who take one of the Computer Science qualifying exams outlined in the Graduate Student Manual in order to advance to candidacy in their degree. Founded in the fall of 2017, CSPAC is a PhD student organization representing all PhD students in the Computer Science (CS), Technology and Social Behavior (TSB), and Computer Science + Learning Science (CS+LS) graduate programs at Northwestern University.

Graduate Students of CS

This student organization seeks to build a social and friendly community for graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University.

Artificial Intelligence Journal Club (AIJC)

The Graduate Student Led Journal Club for Artificial Intelligence Research at Northwestern University is a place where we can present, critique, and discuss research in a welcoming environment with a diversity of viewpoints.

Construction for Learning

Construction for Learning is an interdisciplinary organization of graduate students across Northwestern University who are interested in building tools for learning. It focuses on three areas: community building, technology building, and community outreach.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The GSA at Northwestern enhances graduate students' experiences in and out of the classroom and strives to create resources and programs to improve the quality of students’ lives.

Graduate Leadership Council (GLC)

The GLC is the voice of graduate students in academic and administrative matters at Northwestern University and a forum for graduate student leaders. Comprised of delegates from graduate student associations recognized by The Graduate School and the McCormick Graduate Leadership Council (MGLC), the GLC conducts regular meetings and brings the concerns of graduate students to the attention of the deans and administrative staff of The Graduate School and other stakeholders at Northwestern.

Graduate Women Across Northwestern

Graduate Women Across Northwestern (GWAN) is an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to create community-building opportunities for women in the graduate and professional programs at Northwestern University.

McCormick Graduate Leadership Council

The McCormick Graduate Leadership Council (MGLC) was founded in the summer of 2006 by two graduate students, Binoy Shah and Megan Greenfield, to promote a sense of community among the 700+ graduate students within the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University.