Industry Partnerships
Adobe Research Partnership

The Adobe Research and Northwestern University partnership has led to a robust, collaborative research ecosystem at Northwestern crossing multiple departments, including Northwestern Computer Science. The partnership, which began in 2019, aims to create opportunities for both organizations to learn from each other’s expertise, work together on cutting-edge research projects, identify opportunities for future collaborations, and connect Northwestern students and Adobe with internships and full-time roles.

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Areas of Research

Northwestern computer science faculty and students are tackling big research problems and identifying solutions with Adobe Research in the following areas:

  • Data efficiency, cognitive architecture, and visual reasoning — Faculty and students are working with Adobe to build systems that help people work better through data efficiency, incremental machine learning, and human-computer recognition of sketching.
  • Conversational interaction — Faculty and students are exploring ways that humans can have better conversations with computers across multiple industry applications.
  • Digital marketing — Through collaborations with Kellogg Marketing, Adobe Research and Northwestern CS are exploring potential opportunities to grow this emerging research area.
  • Document summarization — This research aims to automatically "extract" key information from large documents, allowing someone to quickly understand when multiple documents are essentially saying the same thing.

Engagement Activities

A variety of workshops, talks, and funding activities have strengthened the Adobe Research and Northwestern CS partnership: