Master's students select one of the three programs of study. Students can select the thesis, project, or course option.Master's students select one of the three programs of study. Students can select the thesis, project, or course option.

MS in Computer Science
Curriculum & Requirements for MS Program

Master of Science Degree Areas

Courses and research in computer science include artificial intelligence, including models of memory and reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, planning, and problem solving; human computer interaction; distributed interactive systems; theoretical computer science, focusing on algorithm design and analysis; “frictionless” proactive context and task-sensitive information retrieval systems; distributed and real-time systems, networks, performance analysis, prediction and scheduling; Internet and grid application development; and computer graphics and human computer interfaces for spatial applications, visualization, and computer entertainment.

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MS Program Requirements

Twelve units of graduate-level credits with letter grades are required for the MS degree. Coursework can be completed in three or four quarters. Students work with the director of the MS program to develop plans of study to meet their individual goals. Available courses include most 300 level and above courses offered by CS, and many computationally relevant courses offered by other departments. For students with sufficient background, several of the twelve unit may be doing a project or thesis under the advisement of a committee of CS faculty.

Residency Requirement

The minimum residency requirement for the MS degree is the equivalent of three quarters of full-time registration in graduate courses. Full-time registration is defined as three or four course units per quarter.

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Graduate Study Manual

For more information about the requirements for the master of science program, please download the department’s graduate study manual.

MS Graduate Study Manual

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