Photo of Jeff Stiers

Jeff Stiers

Director of Dept. Initiatives
Phone: 847-467-6391
Office: Seeley Mudd 3305
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Photo of Lance Drake

Lance Drake

Business Administrator
Phone: 847-491-2861
Office: Seeley Mudd 3219
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Photo of Renee Cox

Renee Cox

Research Administrator
Office: Seeley Mudd 3506
Photo of Melissa Duong

Melissa Duong

Academic Adviser
Phone: 847-467-7745
Fax: 847-491-4455
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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Photo of Judith (Judi) Hernandez

Judith (Judi) Hernandez

Program Assistant II/Graduate Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-8174
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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Photo of Brianna Mello

Brianna Mello

Business Coordinator
Phone: 847-467-6558
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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Photo of Zuhair Sadiq

Zuhair Sadiq

Program Assistant II/Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 847-491-2770
Office: Seeley Mudd Faculty Service Center
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Photo of Iliana  Vargas

Iliana Vargas

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-4205
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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