Photo of Jeff Stiers

Jeff Stiers

Director of Strategic Initiatives, McCormick School of Engineering
Phone: 847-467-6391
Office: Seeley Mudd 3305
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Photo of Gretchen Burnett

Gretchen Burnett

Business Administrator
Phone: 847-491-2861
Office: Seeley Mudd 3219
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  • Handles all financial oversight and financial inquiries
  • Manager for all Computer Science staff
  • Point of contact for facilities and space matters
  • Backup to Financial Coordinator and Financial Assistant for payroll
Photo of Julia Blend

Julia Blend

Program Assistant III
Phone: 847-491-2995
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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  • Purchasing
  • Blanket POs for Subcontracts
  • Payment requests
  • Reviews grad student expense reports
  • Monitors open encumbrances
  • Processes receivers
  • Assists with space relocations and moves
  • Assists with reconciliation of department accounts
Photo of Toby Singer

Toby Singer

Research Administrator
Phone: 847-491-4205
Office: Seeley Mudd 3506
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  • Manages all proposal preparation and post-award management
  • Local subject matter expert and compliance monitor for all sponsored research activities
  • Processes no-cost extensions
  • Processes REU supplement requests
Photo of Melissa Duong

Melissa Duong

Academic Advisor
Phone: 847-467-7745
Fax: 847-491-4455
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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  • Undergraduate program student advising
  • Undergraduate program student support
  • Course permissions and registrations
  • Supports Computer Science DUS
Photo of Judith (Judi) Hernandez

Judith (Judi) Hernandez

Program Assistant II/Graduate Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-8174
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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  • Graduate student admissions and support
  • Graduate student registration, GSTS entry, and assistant to department DGS
  • Backup for permissions and registrations

Financial Coordinator - Vacant

Phone: 847-491-2959
Office: Seeley Mudd 3506
Email Financial Coordinator -

  • Post-Award financial support, including projections
  • Sponsored and Non-Sponsored faculty account reconciliations
  • Research and Post-Doc staff payroll and appointment processing
  • Backup to Financial Assistant for payroll
Photo of Iliana  Vargas

Iliana Vargas

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-4205
Office: Seeley Mudd 3506
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  • Graduate student funding/payroll
  • SES entries and updates
  • Temporary and Peer Mentor payroll
  • Assists Financial Coordinator
Photo of Pam Villalovoz

Pam Villalovoz

Business Coordinator
Phone: 847-467-6558
Office: Seeley Mudd 3546
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  • Development, oversight, and execution of all CS and CS+X events
  • Manages and plans externally-funded conferences and workshops
  • Coordinates faculty recruiting
  • Oversees and prepares promotion and tenure cases
  • Reconciles seminar and faculty recruitment budgets
  • Assists BA with summer salary planning
  • Assists with department marketing initiatives