Expense Reimbursements

Expense Policies

Preference should always be given to working with a staff member to purchase what you need in advance rather than paying out of pocket and being reimbursed.

For assistance with purchasing goods and services, contact Julia Blend. Students requiring assistance with event or travel related purchases, please contact Bella Barrios. Faculty, postdocs and research staff requiring assistance with event or travel related purchases, please contact Wynante Charles.

Please review the following NU and McCormick policies prior to making a purchase. We cannot guarantee your reimbursement will be approved if you fail to adhere to these policies. Exceptions to policy should be requested in advance by completing the McCormick Reimbursement Exception and 90-day Exception Form.

* Particular attention should be paid to the per person limits.

Expense Reimbursement Procedures

In the event that you must request a reimbursement, please know - tax is not reimbursable in most circumstances. When purchasing goods, supplies or food (including restaurant meals) that incur sales tax, please contact the appropriate staff member (above) to obtain a tax exempt letter prior to purchase. Present the tax exempt letter at time of purchase. When purchasing food from a restaurant, be advised that they are not required to honor the tax exempt status.

Reimbursement requests should be submitted within 30 days of purchase or, in the case of travel expenses, 30 days after you return from the trip.

Specific documentation is required to process reimbursements. To ensure your reimbursement is processed as quickly as possible, please review the instructions and sample documentation below and provide all required documents at the time of initial reimbursement request. Reimbursements cannot be processed until all documents have been received.

Domestic Travel Reimbursements and example documentation

International Travel Reimbursements and example documentation

Event/Meeting Expense Reimbursements and example documentation

If you are a student, postdoc, or research staff member and need to submit an expense report, please complete this online form.

Faculty Reimbursements

If you are a faculty member and need to submit an expense report, please submit your Reimbursment to the Faculty Reimbursement Center. Please list Wynante Charles as the staff contact on the request, and note taxes not associated with travel or restaurant hosted meals will not be reimbursed.

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