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Corporate Support

Please do not reach out to a company until you have completed the required Steps 1-5 below and gained Corporate Engagement’s approval for your corporate support package. Note: this process can be lengthy, please begin this process 4-6 months before you will be needing the funds.

Questions can be directed to Brandon Pond, Assistant Director of Corporate Engagement.

To find complete guidelines please visit the Corporate Fundraising Guidelines webpage.

Before you continue, ask yourself:

Is your student organization eligible for corporate support? Why do you need the funds?
  • Corporate donations cannot be used for any of the purposes listed below (this is not an exhaustive list):
    • Conference registration and travel
    • Food for operative meetings/functions
    • Merchandise or swag intended only for group members

Steps to obtain corporate support:

  1. Complete Required Training in Canvas. Click here to view the Student Organization Fundraising Resources webpage.
  2. Find Prospective Companies. Select companies you believe in and would be proud to work with in the public eye. Restricted companies: Boeing 
  3. Develop a Corporate Support Package. Get creative! Include pictures of your group and of events you have hosted. Package should not exceed 3 pages.
  4. Develop a Marketing and Stewardship Plan.
  5. Clear Your Corporate Support Package by sending and email to
  6. Initiate Outreach
  7. Gain University Approval. Note: students must never sign documentation.
  8. Report and Accept the Gift
  9. Steward and Grow the Relationship
  10. Create a Succession Plan

Things to keep in mind:

You may not advertise for the company that is supporting you. Steer clear of posting on social media for the company.

Marketing and Advertising

Contact Bella Barrios to advertise on:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Mass email to listserv
  • Stall Street Journal
  • Social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook)
  • Physical Bulletin Board in Mudd (or you can print your own ad and post it yourself)

Contact Wynante Charles to advertise on:

  • Weekly Email Bulletin
  • TV monitors in Tech and Mudd

Student Group Tax Exempt Letter

When making a purchase for your student organization, please make sure you request the tax be removed. To do this you may use the Tax Exempt One-Time Use Letter for student groups.