Outgoing PhDs and Postdocs

Outgoing Ph.D. Students

Photo of Henry Dambanemuya
Advisor(s): Emőke-Ágnes Horvát
Research Area(s): Applied AI/ML, Computational Social Science
Thesis Topic: Collective Intelligence in Crowd-Based Systems
Planned PhD Defense Date: Spring 2024
Employment Preference: Open
Photo of Ammar Gilani

Ammar Gilani

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Advisor(s): Professor Han Liu
Research Area(s): Optimization, Computational Biology, Deep Learning
Thesis Topic: Explainable Sequential Optimization
Planned PhD Defense Date: Spring 2024
Employment Preference: Industry Positions
Photo of Gobi Dasu
Advisor(s): Haoqi Zhang and Nell O'Rourke
Research Area(s): CS Education
Thesis Topic: Process Management for Learning from Professional Source Code
Planned PhD Defense Date: Fall 2024
Employment: Currently Engineering Consultant and Founder at LD Talent
Photo of Peng Kang
Advisor(s): Oliver Cossairt
Research Area(s): Deep Learning, Vision & Graphics, Robotics
Thesis Topic: Event-Driven Processing and Learning with Spiking Neural Networks
Planned PhD Defense Date: Winter 2024
Photo of Hyeok Kim
Advisor(s): Jessica Hullman
Research Area(s): Huaman-Computer Interaction, Data Visualization
Thesis Topic: Support for Multi-context Data Visualization
Planned PhD Defense Date: Fall 2024
Photo of Rashna Kumar
Advisor(s): Fabian E. Bustamante
Research Area(s): Computer Networks and Internet Measurements
Thesis Topic: Measuring Internet Centralization on the Web (DNS, CDNs, CAs) and the Underlying Infrastructure
Planned PhD Defense Date: Summer 2024
Photo of Lukas Lazarek
Advisor(s): Christos Dimoulas
Research Area(s): Programming Languages
Thesis Topic: The Pragmatics of Contracts and Gradual Typing in Context of Debugging
Planned PhD Defense Date: Winter 2024
Photo of Gustavo Umbelino
Advisor(s): Matt Easterday, Liz Gerber
Research Area(s): Human-Computer Interaction; Civic and Community Technologies
Thesis Topic: Design of Technology for Participatory Democracy
Planned PhD Defense Date: Spring 2024
Photo of Xijun Wang
Advisor(s): Katsaggelos & Oliver Cossairt
Research Area(s): Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Thesis Topic: Deep Learning Applied to Computer Vision
Planned PhD Defense Date: Fall 2023
Photo of Chenkai Weng
Advisor(s): Xiao Wang
Research Area(s): Security/Privacy
Thesis Topic: Computing and Proving Secrets
Planned PhD Defense Date: Spring 2024
Photo of Yunming Xiao
Advisor(s): Aleksander Kuzmanovic
Research Area(s): Computer Networks, Systems, Privacy
Thesis Topic: Security and Privacy For Network Systems
Planned PhD Defense Date: Spring 2024
Employment Preference: Academia

Postdocs Currently on the Job Market

Photo of Esteban Carisimo
Northwestern Advisor(s): Fabian Bustamante
PhD Institution & Advisor(s): J. Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin (UBA) and Amogh Dhamdhere (UC San Diego), University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires
Research Area(s): Computer Science, Systems, Internet measurements
Thesis Topic: Internet’s network topology (CDNs, congestion and Latin America)
Employment Preference: Academia
Photo of Ning Luo
PostDoc Host: Xiao Wang
PhD Institution & Advisor(s): Computer Science, Yale University, Ruzica Piskac
Research Area(s): Formal Methods, Automated Reasoning, Privacy, Cryptography
Thesis Topic: Privacy-Preserving Formal Methods
Employment Preference: Academia