Outgoing Ph.D.s and Postdocs 2021-2022

Outgoing Ph.D. Students

Photo of Rawan Alharbi
Advisor(s): Nabil Alshurafa
Research Area(s): Ubiquitous Computing
Thesis Topic: Re-imagining Visual Wearable Systems 
Planned PhD Defense Date: 4/1/22
Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Industry - Research
Photo of Kezhen Chen
Advisor(s): Ken Forbus
Research Area(s): Machine Learning, Neural-Symbolic, Cognitive Modeling, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Vision and Language understanding
Thesis Topic: Hybrid Primal Sketch:  A Hybrid Commonsense Visual-Understanding System Combining Analogy and Deep Learning
Planned PhD Defense Date: 6/1/22
Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Industry - Research
Photo of Jamie Gorson

Jamie Gorson

Email Jamie
Advisor(s): Eleanor O'Rourke
Research Area(s): Computer Science Education, Educational Technologies
Thesis Topic: Investigating student self-perceptions during the programming process
Planned PhD Defense Date: 5/15/22
Employment Preference: Industry
Photo of Kaiyu  Hou
Advisor(s): Yan Chen
Research Area(s): Network Protocols, Networked Systems, Cloud Networks
Thesis Topic: Configuration Security and Performance Optimization for Next Generation Network Protocols 
Planned PhD Defense Date: 5/1/22
Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Industry - Research
Photo of  Aleck Johnsen

Aleck Johnsen

Email Aleck
Advisor(s): Jason Hartline
Research Area(s): Algorithmic Game Theory
Thesis Topic: Prior Independent Algorithm Design
PhD Defense Date: 7/30/21
Employment Preference: Private/Public Research and Consulting
Photo of Mohammad Kavousi
Advisor(s): Yan Chen
Research Area(s): Security, System Security
Thesis Topic: Semantic Assisted Security for the Emerging Cloud Native Environments
Planned PhD Defense Date: 8/15/22
Employment Preference: Security Areas
Photo of Yingkai Li
Advisor: Jason Hartline
Research Area(s): Theory, Mechanism Design
Thesis Topic: Mechanism Design with Endogenous Information
Planned PhD Defense Date: 5/1/2022
Employment Preference: Academia
Photo of Ethan Manilow
Advisor(s): Bryan Pardo
Research Area(s): Machine Learning, Audio Signal Processing
Thesis Topic: Symbolic and Hierarchical Perspectives on Musical Scene Analysis
Planned PhD Defense Date: 2/14/22
Employment Preference: Industry
Photo of Brian Suchy
Advisor(s): Peter Dinda
Research Area(s): Computer Systems
Thesis Topic: Software-based Memory Management
Planned PhD Defense Date: 5/22/22
Hired: Google Systems - Madison
Photo of Andi Zang

Andi Zang

Email Andi
Advisor(s): Goce Trajcevski
Research Area(s): High Definition Maps
Thesis Topic: Integrating Heterogeneous Traffic Data Sources with High Definition Maps in Autonomous Driving
Employment Preference: Industry - Research
Hired: HERE Technologies, Chicago
Photo of Shibo Zhang
Advisor(s): Nabil Alshurafa
Research Area(s): Machine Learning
Thesis Topic: Applied Machine Learning in Mobile Health
Planned PhD Defense Date: 11/10/21
Hired: HP Labs

Outgoing Postdoctoral Fellows

Photo of Jinshuo Dong
Northwestern Advisor(s): Jason Hartline and Aravindan Vijayaraghavan
Phd Institution & Advisor(s): Aaron Roth, University of Pennsylvania
Research Area(s): CS Theory
Thesis Topic: Gaussian Differential Privacy and Related Techniques
Employment Preference: Academia/Research Laboratories
Photo of Shravas Rao
Northwestern Advisor(s): Aravindan Vijayaraghavan
Phd Institution & Advisor(s): Oded Regev, New York University
Research Area(s): Theory
Thesis Topic: Concentration and Anti-Concentration for Markov Chains
Employment Preference: Open
Photo of Sheng Yang
Northwestern Advisor(s): Samir Khuller
Phd Institution & Advisor(s): Samir Khuller, University of Maryland, College Park
Research Area(s): Scheduling, Approximation Algorithm, Cloud Computing
Thesis Topic: On Scheduling and Communication Issues in Data Centers
Employment Preference: Academia - Research, Industry - Research