McCormick IT supports the school community's IT needs and provides services in support of its academic mission.McCormick IT supports the school community's IT needs and provides services in support of its academic mission.


Our Mission

McCormick IT utilizes information technology as a strategic resource of the school. We are dedicated to advancing the influence and competitiveness of McCormick through the effective development, implementation, and support of information technology.

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Primary IT Contacts

McCormick IT maintains regular processes to deal with most IT needs. If you need support, send an email to the appropriate address. Your emails are recorded and tracked in our ticketing system. Requests are made known to multiple people on our staff to ensure a prompt response.

Email the appropriate address below for your area of need:

For PC Support

Email or call 847-467-3713

For Web Development Support


For Audio/Visual or Event Support


For Information Security Questions or to Report an Incident


For Computer Labs (Engineering First, Bodeen, ChBE E1, Segal E1, and MSE Teaching Laboratory)


For Unix and Linux Support (Research and Cluster Computing)


For MATLAB Software Requests (Instructors and Researchers)


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Our Teams and Services

Computing Labs

Information about the Engineering First® Computer Labs, Chemical & Biological Engineering Lab, Segal Design Institute Classrooms and Prototyping Lab, and Bodeen Design Studio; lab policies; how to print from the labs; and more.

McCormick PC Support

Available computer support services, fees, hours, and contact information.

Unix/Linux Support Services

McCormick IT's Linux support services, web hosting, and security patches.

McCormick Web Development & Programming Services

Website creation services, content management, web applications, fee for services, project scheduling, requesting support, and more.

McCormick Shared Cluster Computing Space

McCormick IT manages a shared cluster computing room for research. Get information about server space management and operation, how to request server space, server room pathways, shut-down notices.

MATLAB Licensing & Support

How to request a MATLAB license, different license types, system requirements, how to get help and information, MATLAB commands, installation support, resources, and more.

Event Support and A/V Services

Event support policies and fees, how to request support, responsibilities, billing, and more.

Virtual Computer Lab

How to connect to the McCormick Virtual Computer Lab.

Network Support

For McCormick IP address requests (except for EECS) send an email to

Other IP address requests: