Information Security
Security Incidents
Think You've Been Hacked?

The moment you think you’ve been compromised, contact your local technical support team or, change your NetID password, and disconnect the device from the campus network, including unplugging the network cable and turn off Wi-Fi. McCormick IT will coordinate with Northwestern’s Information Security Office to initiate the Incident Response protocol.

Evidence that you’ve been hacked is not always obvious. Disruptions to your computer could be minor, leading you to ignore the warning signs and allow the malicious attack to continue. Take action if you experience any of the following:

  • You start experiencing lot of pop-ups
  • You are being re-directed to a website you did not intend to visit
  • Your computer is responding slower than normal
  • Your settings changed unexpectedly
  • You start receiving system warnings
  • New files or folders appear that you don’t remember creating

When a compromised machine is detected, Northwestern's Information Security Office may shut the port off or quarantine the device; this will isolate the desktop computer until it can be rebuilt.

NOTE: Do not move or connect a compromised machine to another active port – this will result in that port also being shut off as the compromised machine is detected. Once the computer has been rebuilt and brought current, and Northwestern's Information Security Office notified, the port will be returned to active status.