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McCormick Shared Cluster Computing Room

The McCormick School of Engineering has a space specifically designed as a server room for research computing.

Room LG-55 can accommodate up to 15 racks of computers and provides adequate cooling and UPS power for the racks.

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Space Management and Operation

McCormick IT oversees operation and maintenance of research cluster computers and associated services.

how to request Server Space

To use the server room, you must submit a request.

Once your request is approved, the principal investigator (PI) must ensure systems are installed within 60 days, or the space may be reallocated to a different group.

The following may occur only after an application has been approved:

  • Equipment may be installed into LG-55. (No equipment may be placed in the room before approval has been granted.)
  • You will be added to the alerts and notification email systems. Once added, you may choose to opt out of the email notification systems.
  • Keycard access will be granted. (Keycard access will not be granted before an application has been approved.)

How to Request Access

Complete the Access Request Form to request authorization on your keycard to the server room. Upon submission, your request will be routed to You will be notified within 1–2 business days when your request is approved.

By submitting the form, you consent to the user responsibilities and appropriate use of access agreement.

Unless otherwise specified on the form, access will expire in one year. You must re-apply for access prior to the expiration date to ensure laps in access do not occur.

Project Completion & Extensions

Space will be allocated generally on a three-year renewable term or for the term of the sponsored funding, if longer than three years.

Upon completion of a project's assigned term, any requests for an extension will be evaluated based upon the available space and other PIs' projects or clusters awaiting space.

We expect PIs to relinquish space upon project completion, when equipment becomes obsolete, or when project funding is exhausted.

Space Allocation

Space allocation will normally be renewable at the discretion of the McCormick Dean's Office.

In the event of competing demands for rack space, we will prioritize requests and make a recommended allocation to the dean's office for final adjudication.

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Server Room Pathways

Per an agreement between McCormick IT and Facilities Management, a clear pathway must exist from the main door to the mechanical space entryway (the double-doors located on the north wall, next to the large A/C unit).

This pathway exists to provide Facilities Management a way of moving large equipment into the mechanical space, and must be at least six feet (1.8 meters) in width.

No equipment may be stored in this pathway.

For more information, please contact McCormick IT

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Notices of Power Shut-Down

There may be planned power outages due to maintenance by Facilities Management on the building-wide power and HVAC systems. The room's UPS system will not be able to provide power to the room during outages of this duration.

These shut-downs sometimes happen over Labor Day Weekend, and last for several hours.

Notice will be sent to all affected groups once McCormick receives final information about the scheduled shut-down.