Computer / Software
Appropriate and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources

Using Northwestern information technology is a privilege and must be treated with the highest standards to protect the network against abuse and compromise.

Whether working on campus or remotely, through a collective effort, we can safeguard our data by acting responsibly and according to Northwestern’s Appropriate Use for Electronic Resources policy.

In the age of remote work, it's easier than ever to mix personal and professional tech, whether you’re using your University device to help your kids with their homework between meetings or completing that loan application and tax return after class. While incidental personal use is permitted, downloading non-work technology puts everyone at risk as it can be prone to malware infections, especially peer-to-peer gaming and free software downloads. Furthermore, knowingly granting unauthorized access to our resources, like sharing passwords, or attempting to circumvent existing security measures is strictly prohibited.

Our goal is to foster the efficient, ethical and lawful use of resources and keep sensitive data safe. In addition to the above, be alert and aware of information stealing methods that may inadvertently lead to a compromise, such as social engineering, phishing scams, and shoulder surfing to obtain personal information about you. Keep your passwords and authenticators guarded, devices physically secure, screens locked when not in use, and log out of the network when you are finished for the day.