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Abaqus for Research - Licensing Terms and Conditions

A member of the IT at McCormick team will contact you to facilitate the following:

Lab device inventory and protection

All individual and shared University-owned devices in the lab will be inventoried and secured.

Each device may take 15 – 30 minutes to configure and will include installing endpoint management, vulnerability management, and endpoint protection agents, hardening internal firewall configurations, and enabling NetID authentication, if needed.

Security Attestation

Once the security requirements are complete and lab members have attested that any personal device used in the lab are complying with the University’s policies on Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources, Use and Copying of Computer Software, and Best Practices for Securing Devices, a member of IT at McCormick will install the Abaqus research license on designated University-owned devices.

On a quarterly basis, the lab must reconfirm the inventory and security of University-owned and personal devices in order to retain access to the Abaqus license.