Information Security
Security Offerings
Federal Regulation Compliance Assessments

We not only have a personal responsibility to keep the University secure, but many federal laws have requirements in sponsored research agreements regarding the protection of data such as:

  • Tampering or theft of intellectual property or government-sponsored research
  • Unauthorized access, damage, or loss of sensitive research data
  • Improper disposal of digital media containing sensitive research
  • Sharing passwords and/or system access codes
  • Unauthorized release of sensitive research data

Examples of these regulations include:

McCormick IT is responsible for attesting to compliance with these requirements. The security team partners with the McCormick Research Administrators to identify awards in the proposal and post award stage, requesting Principal Investigators to schedule a security assessment. After a review of current lab practices, the security team provides recommendations for the remediation of potential vulnerabilities and works with the lab to develop an implementation timeline.