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University Laptop or Mobile Device Stolen?

If your University laptop or mobile device is stolen, immediately:

  • Change your passwords. Include your NetID password and any other account passwords
  • Contact your local IT support. IT will work with you to assess the risk to personal and institutional data stored on the machine and work with you to purchase a new device.

You will also need to file several reports within the first 48 hours that the device is missing.

File a police report with University Police and local police stations:

  • University Police: x456 or 847-491-3254 

If the incident occurred in Evanston or Chicago, contact:

  • Evanston Police:  847-666-5000
  • Chicago Police: 311 

And report the loss to Risk and Insurance at: Within 30 days, you will also need to file a claim with University Risk Management. Select "Report an Incident" under the Injuries, Property Damage, or Near Misses section, then click "NU Property Damage", and indicate a stolen laptop in the "Damage Description" section to initiate the online claim. Include the Police Report Number, copies of original invoices and/or purchase orders for both the original property that was lost and for the replacement property.

If you have the Tenable agent installed on your laptop, McCormick IT can determine the last time and location the device checked in to be scanned for vulnerabilities.

You can typically track your mobile device in the event it was lost or stolen. If you have an iPhone (or most other Apple devices) you can track them through their GPS location using Apple's Find My iPhone. If you're on an Android device, you can track your phone through the Android Device Manager. These services will allow you to get an exact location, lock your device, and even wipe your device clean. This information can be helpful to the police.

We do not recommend you confront a thief yourself.