CS+X at Northwestern

What is CS+X?

The Computer Science + X (CS+X) initiative at Northwestern University explodes the possibilities of interdisciplinary research. Our goal is to foster transformational relationships between computer science and intersecting fields and establish connections across the University.

Through CS+X, students and faculty are expanding the boundaries of computer science and can potentially spark entirely new fields of study. Undergraduate students from departments throughout the university connect computing to their academic interests via courses relevant to non-majors. The Northwestern CS PhD program is designed to encourage students to pursue broad research interests and collaborate with advisors both in CS and other disciplines. CS faculty build interdisciplinary research teams spanning schools and departments and collaborate with external industry and partners.

CS+X Workshops and Events

Interdisciplinary CS+X workshops and events bring together researchers from across the University and beyond to create dialogue, build connections, and potentially spark future research collaborations.

Ongoing activities

  • Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern (AI@NU): A community of researchers, educators, and students across Northwestern are advancing artificial intelligence in theory and practice.
  • CS+X Colloquium Series: The colloquium series seeks to define the challenges and opportunities for computer science and other disciplines as nature of computational thinking continue to evolve.
  • CS+Buffett Series: The Buffett Institute for Global Affairs and the CS Department explore the intersection of computer science and global studies and examine the ways in which computing and data science can be applied to our greatest global challenges.
  • CS+Economics: Experts at the intersection of computer science and economics present their perspective and research during thematic CS+Econ workshop events.
  • CS+Law Virtual Research Presentations and Discussions: The series fosters collaboration and interdisciplinary research among CS+Law faculty, postdocs, PhD students, and others from institutions including Northwestern, Boston University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pittsburgh, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania.
  • Institute for Data, Econometrics, Algorithms, and Learning (IDEAL): A team of interdisciplinary investigators at Northwestern, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, and the University of Chicago, study the theoretical foundations related to high dimensional data analysis, data science in strategic environments, and machine learning and optimization.

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Jointly Appointed CS+X Faculty

Building on Northwestern’s culture of collaboration, CS+X faculty are jointly appointed between computer science and other Northwestern schools and departments. This interdisciplinary community works together to explore diverse areas of scientific and intellectual inquiry. CS+X faculty also advise PhD students in joint programs.

Joint hires and affiliated faculty ensure that computing is integrated into the fabric of the University and allow our students a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research problems across a variety of domains.

CS+X Academics and Research Centers

The CS+X initiative fosters innovative academic programs, curriculum, and research centers that bring together faculty and students across the University.

Academic Programs

Research Centers and Institutes

Northwestern CS is connected to several interdisciplinary, pioneering research centers and institutes.

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