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Maia Jacobs

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine

Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Professor of Computer Science


MUDD 2233 Tech Drive
3rd Floor
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Computer Science

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Ph.D. Human Centered Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI


Research Interests

Human-computer interaction; health; behavioral science; machine learning + design

My research focuses on using human-computer interaction methods to design and evaluate technologies to support longitudinal health needs. My work provides a model for using user-centered design to create personalized and adaptive interventions- tools that will adapt content, resources, and interactions to a person’s evolving health status and health questions.

Selected Publications

  • Cruz, Stefany; Redding, Alexander; Chau, Connie W.; Lu, Claire; Persche, Julia; Hester, Josiah David; Jacobs, Maia, EquityWare, Association for Computing Machinery (2023).
  • Ulloa, Mara; Rothrock, Blaine; Ahmad, Faraz S.; Jacobs, Maia, Invisible clinical labor driving the successful integration of AI in healthcare, Frontiers in Computer Science (2022).
  • Burgess, Eleanor R.; Kaziunas, Elizabeth; Jacobs, Maia, Care Frictions, Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction (2022).
  • Jacobs, Maia; Pradier, Melanie F.; McCoy, Thomas H.; Perlis, Roy H.; Doshi-Velez, Finale; Gajos, Krzysztof Z., How machine-learning recommendations influence clinician treatment selections, Translational psychiatry 11(1) (2021).
  • Jacobs, Maia; He, Jeffrey; Pradier, Melanie F., Designing ai for trust and collaboration in time-constrained medical decisions, Association for Computing Machinery (2021).
  • Hu, Jingmei; Joung, Jiwon; Jacobs, Maia; Gajos, Krzysztof Z.; Seltzer, Margo I., ProvBuild, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.:266-267 (2020).