Faculty Directory
Kristian J. Hammond

Professor of Computer Science

Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor


2233 Tech Drive
Mudd Room 3109
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-1012Email Kristian Hammond


C3 Lab


Center for Advancing Safety of Machine Intelligence


Computer Science


Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

MBAi Program

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Ph.D. Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT

M.S. Computer Science, Yale University, New Haven, CT

B.A. Philosophy, Yale University, New Haven, CT


TedX Chicago: Humanizing the Machine with Language

TedX Northwestern: Machine Consciousness

AI at Northwestern: Partnerships with the Machine

Research Interests

Expert Areas

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural language generation
  • Narrative Generation
  • Conversational Interfaces
  • The Future of Work
  • Robots and Jobs
  • Machine Learning
  • Computers and the law
  • Computers and education
  • Computers and Journalism
  • Ethics and Robots
  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Creativity


  • Developing human capabilities onto machines
  • Co-founded Narrative Science, a startup that uses artificial intelligence and journalism to turn information from raw data into natural language
  • Integrating Computer Science and Artificial Intelligent into all aspects of life

Selected Publications

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Harvard Business Review

March 29, 2017


Why this Company will Help Change the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Computer World

February 8, 2017 


5 unexpected sources of bias in artificial intelligence

Tech Crunch

December 10, 2016


Artificial Intelligence: Transparency isn’t Just a Trend

Computer World

January 12, 2017


Artificial Intelligence, APIs and the Transformation of Computer Science

Computer World

September 21 , 2016


Ai and Cognitive Computing Systems in Financial Services

The International Institute for Analytics

September 20, 2016


Conversation as Interface: the 5 Types of Chatbots

Computer World

July 13, 2016


Choosing an Artificial Intelligence Solution: Start with the Business Challenge

The International Institute for Analytics

July 20, 2016


How Artificial Intelligence Explains Analytics

The International Institute for Analytics

May 19, 2016


Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: The Moral Compass of a Machine


April 13, 2016


Teaching Machines To Avoid Our Mistakes


April 29, 2016


The Intelligent Systems Eco-System

The International Institute for Analytics

April 21, 2016


Don’t Make Poets Become Programmers

Computer World

May 12, 2015


Stop Drowning Your Data Scientists in Drudgery

Computer World

December 2, 2015


Why I’ll Never Visit the Gym Without a Data Scientist

Computer World

November 9, 2015


Top 3 Arguments for how Machines and Humans will Coexist in the Future

Computer World

October 26, 2015


Why Artificial Intelligence is Succeeding: Then and Now

Computer World

September 12, 2015


How Artificial Intelligence Explains Analytics

Computer World

June 19, 2015


The A.I. Ecosystem

Computer World

May 11, 2015