Explore the theory and the practice of Artificial Intelligence

Explore the Theory and the Practice of Artificial Intelligence

Learn how work in machine learning, natural language understanding, and automated decision making can be drawn together to create systems that already impact business, government, and how we live our lives.

Work with leading researchers

Work with Leading Researchers

Collaborate with our world-class faculty in the development of cutting-edge technologies that go beyond the ideas of today to shape the software and functionality of tomorrow.

Go beyond the idea to integration

Go Beyond the Idea to Integration

Learn to take the ideas of artificial intelligence and to apply them in the world with an eye to how people work and think, and how intelligent systems will partner with them. Through our industrial internship quarter, use your skills to solve real business problems in enterprise settings.

Collaborate in cohort setting

Collaborate in a Cohort Setting

Work in parallel with other students who are exploring the space of ideas and applications together as a team.

About the Program

Leading AI through the lens of technology, business strategy, and human interactions

The growth of artificial intelligence and its use in the development of systems that can reason and respond to increasingly complex situations has exploded. This advancement results in an increased demand for individuals who can create complex systems that can partner with, rather than replace or even augment, human users.

Northwestern’s Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) program aims to serve this demand by producing graduates who have exceptional technical skills to create new AI systems and who also understand the nature of the human environments in which the systems they build will be deployed.

What excites you about AI?

Northwestern Engineering’s Mohammed Alam shares his excitement for MSAI students on the courses they take that build their theoretical and practical skills in AI.

Why study artificial intelligence?

Program Director Kris Hammond discusses the importance of AI and how partnering with machines that gather data can give us access to the wealth of information the machines collect.

Making a career in AI

Alumna Neelanshi Varia discusses how the MSAI program's curriculum and format of pure AI provides a full experience of knowledge exchange to prepare her for a robust career in AI.

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Quick Facts

The basics at-a-glance

Degree earned: Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence


Northwestern University’s Evanston campus

Easy access to Chicago’s STEM industries

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MSAI (traditional track) 

15-months, full-time

MSAI+X track

12 months, full-time

Classes held weekdays and begin in September (MSAI traditional) or July (MSAI+X)

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Class size

Cohort of ~40 students

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Priority deadline:
December 15

Final deadline: 
March 15

First consideration given to applications received by priority deadline

Application opens September 1

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Quincia HuMSAI ’19

“ The MS in Artificial Intelligence program at Northwestern is outstanding as this program is aimed to support many types of career trajectories in the artificial intelligence world: AI architect, machine learning engineer, or even data analysts.”

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Rhett D'souzaMSAI ’19

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Sony PlayStation

“ Coming to a company like Deloitte, or a company like McDonald's, you recognize the tech stack right away… MSAI set the groundwork for me”

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Michael Cantu MSAI ’20


“ MSAI has done an amazing job of teaching me how to best use the most powerful tools in Computer Science today.”

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Neelanshi VariaApplied AI Consultant at Deloitte

MSAI ’20

“ I have always been passionate about climate science and environmental sustainability. I was introduced to machine learning and national language processing and realized that I needed more formal skills. Northwestern had the best program to offer; 16 subjects in just 15 months, pure AI.”

Jaieu SheilMSAI ’19

“ The number of use cases that can be addressed with technologies in artificial intelligence has grown, so it was important to me to select a program that drew focus on all aspects of AI. I found that in the MSAI program at Northwestern.”

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Nico TykeskiMSAI ’19

“ The MSAI curriculum has been very good about covering both the modeling and the platform side of DS/ML/AI, much like the way my internship has been framed … I’ve been fortunate that almost all topics had been previously introduced to me in some capacity through a MSAI lecture or talk.”

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Why Northwestern?

Unique program features

Northwestern’s MSAI program goes beyond the technologies of AI to look at the problems in the world that AI seeks to solve, creating powerful AI systems integrated into workflows, business, and human interactions. Our goal is to educate and train students in all aspects of how the emerging technologies of machine intelligence can be designed and deployed, and our graduates leave ready to identify opportunities and lead teams in the design and development of sophisticated AI technologies and products.

Integrated curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Master the depth and breadth of complex AI technologies and workflows.

Learn to recognize the psychological and design implications of human interactions with intelligent systems.

Understand how business needs affect the way intelligent systems are considered and deployed.

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Holistic approach

Holistic Approach

Learn how to look beyond technology to first find the global problems AI seeks to solve.

Graduate prepared to conceive, design, and integrate systems that have a transformational impact on the world.

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Faculty on the forefront

Faculty on the Forefront

Broaden your outlook through exposure to an array of perspectives and knowledge from renowned Northwestern faculty and leading AI and business executives.

Engage with faculty conducting world-class research in a variety of cutting-edge AI systems.

Meet our faculty
Industry access

Industry Access

Collaborate directly with industry through a capstone project and three-month summer internship.

Explore MSAI corporate partnerships to expand your nation-wide network of companies across all sectors.

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Partner with MSAI

Work with up-and-coming leaders who can dive into business needs and recommend AI solutions

You provide the platform for our students to hone their skills on modern-day challenges, and you will benefit from fresh, creative minds working under the watchful eye of our leading faculty to set your business up with the latest AI techniques and their applications.

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