Course Offerings

All course dates and times are still to be determined. This listing is simply for general informational purposes and not intended for course schedule planning.

CourseCourse TitleFall 2020Winter 2021Spring 2021
COGSCI 207Introduction to Cognitive Modeling

ELEC_ENG 435Deep Learning Foundations from Scratch
TuTh 9:00-10:20

MECH_ENG 495Selected Topics: Active Learning in Robotics

MSAI 301Introduction to Robotics Laboratory

MSAI 317Data Management and Information Processing

MSAI 325Artificial Intelligence Programming

MSAI 330Human Computer Interaction
MWF 1:00-1:50pm
Prof. Eleanor O'Rourke, Prof. Sarah Van Wart

MSAI 332Introduction to Computer Vision

MSAI 337Intro to Natural Language Processing
MW 11:00-12:20 pm
Prof. Larry Birnbaum

COMP_SCI 396, 496Data Science Seminar4:20-5:40 TuTh

MSAI 344Design of Problem Solvers

MSAI 348Intro to Artificial Intelligence

MSAI 349Machine Learning

MSAI 352Machine Perception of Music & Audio

MSAI 371Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

MSAI 390Intro to Robotics

1-1:50 MWF
C-H Wu
MSAI 394Agile Software Development

TuTh 11-12:20
MSAI 395, 495Cognitive Simulation for Virtual Characters

MSAI 432Advanced Computer Vision

MSAI 435Neural Networks

MSAI 449Advanced Topics on Deep Learning
M 5:00-8:00pm
Prof. Han Liu

MSAI 465Seminar in Statistical Language Modeling

6p-9p Tu
MSAI 469Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

MSAI 470Conversational Interfaces

MSAI 472Designing and Constructing Models with Multi-Agent Languages

MSAI 490Practicum in Intelligent Information Systems

MSAI 395, 495Introduction to Computational Learning Theory

MSAI 395, 495Web Information Retrieval and Extraction

MSAI 395, 495Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

MSAI 395, 495Collaboration Technology

MSAI 495Introduction to Computational Linguistics