MSAI 431: Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence



Core MSAI course


The course explores the latest challenges in the theory, practice, and implications of AI in the modern world. The goal is to provide a foundation for the challenges and opportunities facing the field. Students gain access to an array of thought leaders to discuss the applications and potential of artificial intelligence.

Recent guest speakers have included thought leaders from Accenture, Anthem, Axon, Deloitte, IBM, Sony, McKinsey & Company, PWC, The Home Depot, Thomson Reuters, and JP Morgan Chase, as well as David Ferrucci, the principal investigator for the IBM Watson computer system that defeated the highest-ranked Jeopardy! champions.

The course also includes researchers from across Northwestern University who dedicate time and energy to research AI's implementation and potential in an array of fields, from law and medicine to finance and journalism.

Each guest speaker discusses AI's application in their field or company, questions they have about future implementations, and their thoughts on current challenges and opportunities facing the industry. That exposure helps students think more broadly about the field and how they can use their own backgrounds and ideas to help continue to move the field forward.