Tuition & Financial Aid


The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence tuition for the 2022-23 academic year is $20,314 per quarter. Students pay for four quarters of tuition:  fall I, winter, spring, and fall II. There is no tuition cost for the summer quarter.

Additional Expenses to Be Considered:

  • On-campus annual cost of living expenses of approximately $24,000
  • Student Activity Fee: $125 per quarter (covers U-Pass)
  • Health Services Fee: $260 per quarter
  • Approximately $500-$1,000 for textbooks
  • Northwestern University health insurance (required for international students)
  • $5,000 miscellaneous (personal, transportation, etc.)

Total Cost of the Program

The total cost of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree is approximately $110,000, depending on needs for cost of living.

Additional Funding Resources

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program does not directly offer students any type of institutional grants, scholarships or TAships. However, students may be eligible for other types of support through resources found at the McCormick School of Engineering: Fellowships and Internships or at Northwestern University's Office of Fellowships. Students must identify any funding opportunities on their own.

Financial Aid

Many master’s students find funding through a variety of loan options or through other scholarship and resource opportunities, some of which are listed on McCormick’s website.

Financial aid is available to students of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence who qualify. Prospective students should visit the Evanston Office of Graduate Financial Aid for more information.

Students using financial aid to finance their graduate degree must comply with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy to maintain eligibility.