Class of 2023

Photo of Vansh Agarwal

Vansh Agarwal

Lab Manager and ML Research Assistant at Northwestern University
Photo of Kushal Agrawal

Kushal Agrawal

Applied Scientist at Relativity
Photo of Shaashwat Agrawal

Shaashwat Agrawal

Photo of Priyanka Aryal

Priyanka Aryal

Research Assistant at CASMI
Photo of Theresa Andrea  Corrales

Theresa Andrea Corrales

Photo of Hardik Doshi

Hardik Doshi


Cardiologist at  CentraCare
Photo of Shruthi Hariharan

Shruthi Hariharan

Machine Learning Engineer at TikTok
Photo of Gautam Iruvanti

Gautam Iruvanti

Photo of Hee Youn Kwon

Hee Youn Kwon

Photo of Tom Liu

Tom Liu


Cardiologist at Northwestern Medicine
Photo of Laura Machlab

Laura Machlab

Photo of David McDevitt

David McDevitt

Photo of Yaqi Miao

Yaqi Miao

Photo of Sai Pravallika Myneni

Sai Pravallika Myneni

Photo of Rohin Nanavati

Rohin Nanavati

Data Scientist at First Solar
Photo of David Nielsen

David Nielsen

Photo of Surya Parmar

Surya Parmar

Photo of Akangkshya Pathak

Akangkshya Pathak

Research Assistant at CASMI
Photo of Pranav Pawar

Pranav Pawar

AI Engineer at Bain Capital Ventures
Photo of Aparna Ramachandran

Aparna Ramachandran

Photo of Venkatakrishnan Ranganathan

Venkatakrishnan Ranganathan

Photo of Gianna Rasmussen

Gianna Rasmussen

Photo of Aanchal

Aanchal Sahu

Research Scientist at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
Photo of Sagnik Sarkar

Sagnik Sarkar

Research Technologist at Northwestern Feinberg
Photo of Ilesha Sawarkar

Ilesha Sawarkar

Photo of Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Photo of Vishal Shrivastava

Vishal Shrivastava

Lead Software Engineer at Persistent Systems
Photo of Shikher Srivastava

Shikher Srivastava

Staff Data Scientist at Affinity Solutions
Photo of Milind Kesar Thummala

Milind Kesar Thummala

Photo of Kartikeya

Kartikeya Vats

Senior AI and Data Scientist at Target
Photo of Varsha Velumani

Varsha Velumani

Applied AI Consultant at Deloitte
Photo of Xinhan Yan

Xinhan Yan

Photo of Rui Chun Zhang

Rui Chun Zhang

AI Engineer at BCG
Photo of Zhuoyang Zou

Zhuoyang Zou

Photo of Simon Zouki

Simon Zouki

AI Engineer at Cadena Platforms