Class of 2021

Photo of William Ansehl

William Ansehl

AI Solutions Engineer at ThayerMahan
Photo of Simon Benigeri

Simon Benigeri

AI and Machine Learning Researcher in Cardiology at Feinberg School of Medicine
PhD in Computer Science at Northwestern
Photo of Justin Chae

Justin Chae

Emerging Technology Markets Consultant at Esri
Photo of Brendon Eby

Brendon Eby

Senior NLP Engineer at Samsung
Photo of Hawkins Gay

Hawkins Gay

Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow at Northwestern Medicine
Photo of Harkirat Gill

Harkirat Gill

Machine Learning Engineer at ForceMetrics
Photo of Alexander Leidner

Alexander Leidner

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Nephrology and Hypertension) at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Photo of Renpin Luo

Renpin Luo

Applied AI analyst at Deloitte
Photo of Milan McGraw

Milan McGraw

AWS AI & Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services
Photo of Masum Patel

Masum Patel

Applied AI Analyst at Deloitte
Photo of Igor Ryzhkov

Igor Ryzhkov

Software Engineer at SliceX AI
Photo of Luke Salamone

Luke Salamone

Machine Learning Engineer at TikTok
Photo of Krish Seth

Krish Seth

ML Engineer at Autodesk
Photo of Pengyi Shi

Pengyi Shi

System Analyst at Visa
Photo of Ramsey Wehbe

Ramsey Wehbe

Assistant Professor Of Medicine-Cardiology at  Medical University of South Carolina