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Synthetic & Systems Biology

Synthetic biology is an interdisciplinary research area encompassing biology, chemistry and engineering disciplines. Synthetic biology processes and methods are used in developing non-natural biological entities, new drugs, and new diagnostics.

Systems biology is the integrated study of the behavior of living systems and their interactions with the environment or other living systems, using a combination of experimental and mathematical methods. This highly-interdisciplinary field is at the interface of ‘-omics’, mathematical modeling, and computer science.  


Faculty members in synthetic and systems biology include:

Student Publications

Alaksh Choudhury '12

  • “Evaluating fermentation effects on cell growth and crude extract metabolic activity for improved yeast cell-free protein synthesis.” Biochemical Engineering Journal. October 15, 2014.

Siddhant Prabhu '16

  • “Predicting novel substrates for enzymes with minimal experimental effort with active learning.” Metabolic Engineering. October 10, 2017.