Students seeking a certificate in Nanobiotechnology gain knowledge of contemporary research breakthroughs, as well as practical experience working with bioimaging tools. The certificate consists of three components: course work, research and an internship.

Nanobiotechnology takes most of its fundamentals from nanotechnology and applies them to biological systems to produce nanoscale materials and devices designed to perform tasks impossible for macroscopic products. These nanomaterials and nanodevices will lead to new breakthroughs in science and technology, create new markets, and generate substantial wealth.

The MBP prepares students to meet the emergent challenges of a rapidly developing industry, and envisage novel solutions afforded by new technology.

Course Work (3 Units)

The course listed below is required. Students should take this course to complete the Nanobiotechnology certificate. If the required course (CHEM_E 372) is not offered, the certificate director and MBP program director may approve an alternate course.

CHEM_ENG 372 Bionanotechnology & Nanoscale Phenomena 

Students should complete two courses from the list below. Certificate director and MBP program director may add additional courses to this list in the future.

BIOL SCI 361 Protein Structure and Function
BMD ENG 344 Biological Performance of Materials
MAT SCI 357 Nanomagnetic materials for information storage
MAT SCI 360 Introduction to Electron Microscopy
MAT SCI 371 Biominerals: hierarchical architecture and function
MAT_SCI 376 Nanomaterials
MAT SCI 460 Electron Microscopy
CHEM 307 Materials and Nanochemistry
CHEM 376 Nanopatterning
CHEM 308 Design, Synthesis, and Applications of Nanomaterials
CHEM 432 X-ray Crystallography


MBP maintains a standard research requirement of 6 months of full-time research. Students earning this certificate must select a research project with a substantial nanobiotechnology component. There are currently nine research laboratories with nanobiotechnology projects available to MBP students.


Several local companies offer internships appropriate for students enrolled in this certificate. Students could also seek internships at nanobiotechnology companies outside the Chicago area.