Course Listings

Course Course Title MBP Prerequisites Instructors / Affiliation Units
BIOL_SCI 315 Advanced Cell Biology An UG course in cellular / molecular biology plus MBP molecular biology mini-course Sadie Wignall / WCAS 1
BIOL_SCI 390 Advanced Molecular Biology An UG in cellular / molecular biology plus MBP molecular biology mini-course Xiaozhong Wang / WCAS 1
MBIOTECH 303 Principles of Chemical Enginering UG calculus and general chemistry courses Igor Kourkine / Arthur Felse/MBP 1
MBIOTECH 402 Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory MBIOTECH 301, MBIOTECH 302, or similar UG courses Arthur Felse / MBP 1
MBIOTECH 410 Technology Commercialization Fundamentals None Eric Benson / Consultant 1
MBIOTECH 420 Critical Thinking and Communication None Igor Kourkine / MBP 1
MBIOTECH 476-1 Kinetics, Energetics and Bioreactor Design (Bioprocess Engineering I) MBIOTECH 301, MBIOTECH 302, BIOL_SCI 301, BIOL_SCI 390, or similar UG courses Danielle Tullman-Ercek/ MBP and ChBE 1
MBIOTECH 476-2 Properties and Separation of Biologically Produced Molecules (Bioprocess Engineering II) MBIOTECH 301, MBIOTECH 302, or similar UG courses plus some biochemistry Arthur Felse / MBP 1
MBIOTECH 482 Regulatory Sciences in Biotechnology Basic biology and chemistry Arthur Felse / MBP 1
MBIOTECH 501 MBP Research Seminar None Arthur Felse / MBP 0.5
MBIOTECH 506 Topics in Professional Development in Biotechnology None Natalie Champagne / MBP 0
MBIOTECH 507 Team Dynamics and Leadership None

Todd Murphy/NU

MBIOTECH 508 Responsible Conduct of Research None Corinna Raimondo / Northweststern Office of Research Integrity; Kate Booth/HR 0
MBIOTECH 510 Biotechnology Research None Arthur Felse / MBP 7.5


About Units

"Northwestern University credit for undergraduate and graduate programs is awarded in units, rather than credit hours. Courses are most often assigned 1.0 unit of credit. Quarter-long classes typically meet three hours per week on average (three 50-minute sessions per week or two 80-minute sessions) over a 10-week term.

"Students are generally expected to spend at least two hours outside of class preparing for each hour in class. Courses that meet for more or less time may bear proportionally more or less credit. For example, graduate courses that meet for three hours every week for five weeks rather than ten receive 0.5 units of credit." 

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