Current Students

The program is limited to approximately 30-40 students per year who progress through the program as a group. This ensures that students receive a high level of instructor attention and also creates the opportunity to form close bonds with their fellow classmates, which often transcend academia and continue into the workplace.

Student demographics

Entering Class of 2022

Photo of Abdulaziz Alzeer

Abdulaziz Alzeer

Abdulaziz's Website

Undergraduate: BS Microbiology, King Saud University
Research: "Evaluating the Functional Properties of the Novel Tri-Specific T Cell Engager for GBM Treatment" (I. Balyasnikova)
Internship: Research Assistant at Northwestern University

Photo of Tarlan Arjmandi

Tarlan Arjmandi

Tarlan's Website

Undergraduate: BS Molecular and Cellular Biology-Genetics, Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Science
Research: "Immunopeptidomics and B cells - Discovery of tumor-specific antigen"
Internship: Graduate Research Assistant at Northwestern University

Photo of Gunjan Bagri

Gunjan Bagri

Gunjan's Website

Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, MAHE Manipal Institute of Technology
Research: "Development of Media for Cultivated Meat" (A. Felse)
Internship: Research Associate Co-Op at WuXi Biologics

Photo of Kishan Batcheldor

Kishan Batcheldor

Kishan's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biology, Northern Arizona University
Research: "Genetic Engineering of Clostridium autoethanogenum for the Production of Target Alcohol" (M. Koepke)
Internship: Process Engineering Co-Op at Abbott

Photo of Xiaoyang Chen

Xiaoyang Chen

Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, McGill University
Research: "LNP Screening for RNA Therapeutics" (P. Zhang)
Internship: Summer Intern at Eli Lilly and Company

Photo of Yuheng Geng

Yuheng Geng

Yuheng's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, University of California Irvine
Research: "Creatine metabolism and a new creatine kinanse inhibitor in treating human GBM" (J. Miska)
Internship: Graduate Researcher at Northwestern University 

Photo of Xiangyu  Gu

Undergraduate: BS Biology and Vertebrate Physiology, Pennsylvania State University University Park
Research: "The Recombinant Antibody Approach to Mapping Spicule Matrix Protein Distribution in Sea Urchin"

Photo of Brendan  Hood

Brendan Hood

Brendan 's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Pennsylvania State University
Research: "Investigation on the Role of Alzheimer’s Disease-Associated Amyloid Beta Oligomers (AbOs) in Neural Development"

Photo of Yuyun Huang

Yuyun Huang

Undergraduate: BAgric Agriculture Science, China Agricultural University
Research: "The role of QSOX1 in regulation of Tumor growth and Macrophage Immunosuppressive Polarization in Glioblastoma"


Photo of Leila Irvani

Leila Irvani

Leila's Website

Undergraduate: BS Laboratory Sciences, Islamic Azad University
Research: "Finding the specific adaptor protein for CUL3 E3 ligase that links it to RNA Polymerase II" (A. Shilatifard)
Internship: Research Intern at Northwestern University 

Photo of Ananya  Joshi

Ananya Joshi

Ananya 's Website

Undergraduate: BTech Biomedical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology

Photo of Sayali Kulkarni

Sayali Kulkarni

Sayali's Website

Undergraduate: BPHARM, Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy
Research: "A comprehensive comparative analysis of novel human monoclonal antibodies in B cell function" (L. Castillo-Menendez)
Internship: Research Associate at Octagon Therapeutics

Photo of Tanasha Lertjanyarak

Tanasha Lertjanyarak

Tanasha's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University
Research: "Engineering next generation exosome therapeutics" (H. Liu)
Internship: Process Engineering Co-Op at Abbott Laboratories 

Photo of Hanchen Lin

Hanchen Lin

Undergraduate: BS Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University
Research: "Nano-therapeutic Targeting of Immunosuppressive Myeloid Cells Synergizes with Radiotherapy for Glioblastoma"

Photo of Yisong Lin

Undergraduate: BS Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Photo of Xuhao Liu

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, Beijing Forestry University
Research: "Optimize Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Platforms for B Cell Engineering" (C. Lee-Chang)
Internship: Immunology Discovery Co-Op at Merck & Co.

Photo of Huyun Lu

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo of Junlin Lu

Junlin Lu

Undergraduate: BS Animal Behavior, Indiana University - Bloomington
Research: "Reducing toxicity of chemotherapeutics via Indirect Targeting"

Photo of Viktor Maciag

Viktor Maciag

Viktor's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University
Research: "Biprocess and Media Development for Scale Up of Stem Cells for
Laboratory Grown Meat"

Photo of Ava Mendoza

Ava Mendoza

Ava's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biomedical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
Research: "An Analysis of Pharmaceutical Weight Loss Market to Determine if Unmet Medical Needs Exist for a New Product Entry" (W. Sargent)
Internship: Data Analyst Intern at UCB 

Photo of Weronika Ptaszek

Weronika Ptaszek

Weronika's Website

Undergraduate: BS Integrated Health Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Photo of Sudharsana Ravisankar

Sudharsana Ravisankar

Sudharsana's Website

Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, Anna University 
Research: "Development of Inducible dTAG Cell Lines to Analayze CRAMP1 and PRSAP fucntions" (D. Foltz)
Internship: Cell/Molecular Biology Co-Op at Exo Therapeutics 

Photo of Sayani Saha

Sayani Saha

Sayani's Website

Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology Durgapur
Research: "Ex vivo Reprogramming of CB8 T cells for adoptive cell therapy for solid tumors" (J. Wu)
Internship: Immunology Co-Op at Mercek & Co.

Photo of Erica Satchell

Erica Satchell

Erica's Website

Undergraduate: BA General Science - Biology, Grinnell College
Internship: Data Process Scientist Intern at UCB UK

Photo of Zainab Hazique Shaikh

Zainab Hazique Shaikh

Zainab's Website

Undergraduate: BS Neurobiology and Physiology, Purdue University
Research: "Scaling BVax for Clinical Application and Evaluating Other Indications Across Non-GBM Cancer Types" (C. Chang)
Internship: Drug and Discovery Intern at Eli Lilly and Company

Photo of Iyappan Annamalai Subbiah

Iyappan Annamalai Subbiah

Iyappan's Website

Undergraduate: BS Biomedical Science, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education & Research
Research: "Unmasking the Value: A Pharmacoeconomic Exploration of ARDS Interventions"
Internship: Contracting Business Analyst at Deloitte

Photo of Hanxiao  Sun

Hanxiao Sun

Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, University of California Los Angeles
Research: "Quantitative biology of therapeutic resistance in cancer cells through single-cell analyses enables exploration of cell plasticity"

Photo of Suemeng Vang

Suemeng Vang

Suemeng's Website

Undergraduate: BS Microbiology, North Dakota State University 
Research: "Development of a functional assay to predict in vivo performance of tolerogenic nanoparticles"

Photo of Larry Wang

Larry Wang

Larry's Website

Undergraduate: BA Biological Sciences - Northwestern University 
Research: "Neonatal Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Ileitis"

Photo of Matt Williams

Matt Williams

Matt's Website

Undergraduate: BA Biology, University of Chicago

Photo of Da Yang

Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of California Los Angeles
Research: "PdNA with dPAOs for Sustainable Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal"

Photo of Ellen Zhang

Ellen Zhang

Ellen's Website

Undergraduate: BS Neuroscience, University of Toronto
Research: "Investigating the Clinical Significance of the MIC-NKG2D Immune
Axis in Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (MIBC) Metastasis Using
Comprehensive Data Analysis and Nanostring RNA Analysis"

Entering Class of 2023

Photo of Hanin Abuzer

Hanin Abuzer

Hanin's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago
Photo of Aishvarya Agrawal

Aishvarya Agrawal

Aishvarya's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Savitribai Phule Pune University 
Photo of Jane Baur
Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Photo of Alexandra Bless

Alexandra Bless

Alexandra's Website
Undergraduate: BA Biology, Willamette University
Photo of Hannah Cook

Hannah Cook

Hannah's Website
Undergraduate: BS Chemistry and Secondary Math Education, West Virginia Wesleyan College
Photo of Isha Ghadge

Isha Ghadge

Isha's Website
Undergraduate: BS Pharmacy, Savitribai Phule Pune University
Photo of Diya Goyal

Diya Goyal

Diya's Website
Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, PES University
Photo of Saira John

Saira John

Saira's Website
Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, Pappanamcode, Thiruvananthapuram
Photo of Pavel Katsev

Pavel Katsev

Pavel's Website
Undergraduate: BS Industrial Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Photo of Kumar Mahanash

Kumar Mahanash

Kumar's Website
Undergraduate: BTech Biotechnology, PES University
Photo of Li Shiyi

Li Shiyi

Li's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, UC San Diego
Photo of Xingyuan (Lily) Li

Xingyuan (Lily) Li

Xingyuan (Lily)'s Website
Undergraduate: BS Animal Science, University of California Davis
Photo of Zhengyi Lin

Zhengyi Lin

Zhengyi's Website
Undergraduate: BS Cell Biology and Molecular Direction, Wenzhou-Kean University 
Photo of Xiatong (Sheldon)  Liu

Xiatong (Sheldon) Liu

Xiatong (Sheldon) 's Website
Undergraduate: BA Biology, Emory University
Photo of Di Luo
Undergraduate: BS Ecology, China Argiculture University
Photo of Ridhima Manocha

Ridhima Manocha

Ridhima's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, University of Washington Seattle 
Photo of Ana Martins

Ana Martins

Ana's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Central Florida 
Photo of Cade McClellan

Cade McClellan

Cade's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, University of Wisonsin Madison
Photo of Lydia Ng
Undergraduate: BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Photo of Dale Perdue

Dale Perdue

Dale's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of Kentucky
Photo of Pornchanan (Cherlyn) Pholraksa

Pornchanan (Cherlyn) Pholraksa

Pornchanan (Cherlyn)'s Website
Undergraduate: BS Biology, Indiana Unversity Indianapolis 
Photo of Hetvi Rajani

Hetvi Rajani

Hetvi's Website
Undergraduate: BTech Chemical Engineering, MIT World Peace University
Photo of Vibha Sarathy

Vibha Sarathy

Vibha's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Shiv Nadar University
Photo of Ryan Shea
Undergraduate: BS in Molecular Engineering with a focus in Biology, University of Chicago
Photo of Rohan Shukla

Rohan Shukla

Photo of Jingqi Sun
Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of California Santa Cruz
Photo of Yasemin Tekin

Yasemin Tekin

Yasemin's Website
Undergraduate: BS Molecular and Cell Biology, UC San Diego
Photo of Qian Wang
Undergraduate: BS, Missouri State University, Southwest University in China
Photo of Xia Yao
Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Zhejiang University of Technology
Photo of Haoran Zeng

Haoran Zeng

Haoran's Website
Undergraduate: BA Biology, Boston College
Photo of Yuxuan Zhao

Yuxuan Zhao

Yuxuan's Website
Undergraduate: BS Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology
Photo of Ningjia Zhou

Ningjia Zhou

Ningjia's Website
Undergraduate: BS Biological Science, Beijing Normal University