Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ is designed to give you additional insights into the several important aspects of our program that represent the MBP competitive advantages and have generated considerable interest from the applicants. Whereas other MBP webpages frequently focus on the “big picture,” this FAQ is designed to help you get a more personal feel for our program.

Admissions Questions

  1. Do you provide a research or teaching assistantship as part of the program?
    Students in our program do not qualify for paid research assistantships or teaching assistantships. Periodically, our program hires a few MBP students to help us teach MBP courses (in particular, the fall and spring laboratory courses), but this does not provide a significant source of income.

  2. Do you accept a three-year degree?
    We accept a three-year degree on a case-by-case basis.

  3. How can I increase my chances of being admitted?
    We value the ability to think critically and creatively (i.e., solve problems). Demonstrating these skills will increase your chances of being admitted.

  4. What is the minimum GPA required for admissions?
    We do not have one. We look at the application holistically. Extensive work experience, or strong post-graduate academic performance can offset weakness in the undergraduate GPA.

  5. Do you accept IELTS in place of TOEFL?
    Yes, we do.

  6. Do you have a part-time option?
    No. Our experience with part-time option in the past proved it to be unsustainable.

  7. May I begin the program in winter or spring quarter?
    No, you may only begin the program in fall quarter.

Additional Questions

If you have an admissions question which is not discussed here, please email the program