MBP Class of 2018-2019/20

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Photo of Giancarlo Balangue

Giancarlo Balangue

  • BS Life Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University - Manila, Philippines
  • MBP Research Project: Investigation of bispecific spherical nucleic acids for treatment of inflammatory skin pathologies (D. Giljohann)
Photo of Wenhao Cao

Wenhao Cao

  • BS Biochemical Engineering, University of Leuven (KU Leuven) - Leuven, Belgium
  • MBP Research Project: Screening and characterization of novel modulators of mHtt-induced behavioral arhythmicity (R. Allada)
Photo of Mary Cassidy

Mary Cassidy

  • BS Engineering Mechanics (Biomechanics), University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Enzyme responsive progelator biomaterials as therapeutic scaffolds for negative left ventricle remodeling post myocardial infarction (N. Gianneschi)
Photo of Laura Cook

Laura Cook

  • Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
  • MBP Research Project: Development of a safe compartment-forming strain of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2 (D. Tullman-Ercek)
Photo of John Docter

John Docter

  • BS Zoology, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
  • MBP Research Project: Mainstream shortcut biological phosphorous and nitrogen removal (G. Wells)
Photo of Tim Earl

Tim Earl

  • BS Biological (Biomedical) Sciences, Arizona State University - Phoenix, AZ
  • MBP Research Project: Sleep and circadian rhythms in fragile X mutant Drosophila (R. Allada)
Photo of Connor Forsyth

Connor Forsyth

  • BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Intracellular trafficking of structurally distinct immunostimulatory spherical nucleic acids (C. Mirkin)
Photo of Pan Gao

Pan Gao

  • BS Biological Science, University of California - Irvine, CA
  • MBP Research Project: Tracing of glutamatergic afferents and efferents of dorsal hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex (J. Radulovic)
Photo of Yue Gao

Yue Gao

  • BS Food Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College - Zhuhai, China
  • MBP Research Project: Bioinformatics methods for analysis of RNA-seq (transcriptome) data (R. Davuluri)
Photo of Weijian Huang

Weijian Huang

  • BS Biological Engineering, Hunan Agricultural University - Changsha, China
  • MBP Research Project: The investigation on the promising membrane surface protein receptor Na/K ATPase alpha 3 that triggers a "signaling cascade" with its ligand --- ABO (W. Klein)
Photo of Yu-Hsin (Anita) Huang

Yu-Hsin (Anita) Huang

  • BS Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, University of Washington - Seattle, WA
  • MBP Research Project: Molecular genetic characterization of beta-tubulin function in benzimidazole drug resistance (E. Andersen)
Photo of Hannah Klaeser

Hannah Klaeser

  • BA Biology, Whitman College - Walla Walla, WA
  • MBP Research Project: Investigating the effect that stepwise changes in the oligonucleotide chemistry and sequence have on the efficacy of RNase H mediated SNA compounds (D. Giljohann)
Photo of Aderonke Koya

Aderonke Koya

  • BA Anatomy, Babcock University - Ilishan Remo, Nigeria
  • MBP Research Project: Role of polypropylene sulphide (PPS) nanoparticles as redox scavengers (E. Scott)
Photo of Yuyao Kuang

Yuyao Kuang

  • BS Engineering, Bioengineering, East China University of Science and Technology - Shanghai, China
  • MBP Research Project: Synthesis and functionalization of "theranostic" magnetic nanostructures for MRI contrast enhancement (V. Dravid)
Photo of Keyin Li

Keyin Li

  • BS Biological Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University - Guangzhou, China
  • MBP Research Project: RNAi screening for traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Drosophila (R. Allada)
Photo of Zongru Li

Zongru Li

  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester - Rochester, NY
  • MBP Research Project: Design and synthesis of new types of nano-vehicles for MRI imaging (E. Scott)
Photo of Ryan Mayers

Ryan Mayers

  • BA Biology, University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA
  • MBP Research Project: ALS-related NEK1 loss of function disrupts nucleocytoplasmic transport via the microtubule cytoskeleton (E. Kiskinis)
Photo of Hannah McDowell

Hannah McDowell

  • BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Studying the immunogenicity of HLA-DQ in solid organ transplantation (A. Tambur)
Photo of Kamron Mehrayin

Kamron Mehrayin

  • MS Business, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, IL
  • BS Chemistry, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Patient safety and economic implications of underrepresentation in clinical trials (A. Felse)
Photo of Chinmay Menon

Chinmay Menon

  • BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Economics, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
  • BA Economics, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
  • MBP Research Project: Magnetic nanostructures for therapeutic and diagnostic action (V. Dravid)
Photo of Krista Meuli

Krista Meuli

  • BA Neuroscience, Lake Forest College - Lake Forest, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Oligonucleotide synthesis time optimization (D. Giljohann)
Photo of William Minor

William Minor

  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
  • MBP Research Project: Elucidating the AβO- NKAα3 initiation complex: a path to new Alzheimer’s Disease therapeutics (W. Klein)
Photo of Luke O'Donnell

Luke O'Donnell

  • BS Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics), Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI
  • MBP Research Project: Quantifying chaos in cancer clinical trials (A. Felse)
Photo of Yuting Pan

Yuting Pan

  • BS Medicine, Capital Medical University - Beijing, China
  • MBP Research Project: Detection of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3 (MAP2K3) immunoreactivity in the human cerebral cortex (C. Geula)
Photo of Nathaniel Polley

Nathaniel Polley

  • BS Bioinformatics, computer science, and biology, Loyola University - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Development of metabolic ensemble modeling software for enzymatic pathway kinetics (K. Tyo)
Photo of Sanjana Prakash Rao

Sanjana Prakash Rao

  • BS Engineering (Biotechnology), NMAM Institute of Technology - Nitte, India
  • MBP Research Project: Creating a safe strain of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium to be used for type III secretion studies (D. Tullman-Ercek)
Photo of Ruojia Shi

Ruojia Shi

  • BS Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA
  • MBP Research Project: Inhibitors of nNOS design for neurodegenerative disorder (R. Silverman)
Photo of Taeyil Son

Taeyil Son

  • BS Biology, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
  • MBP Research Project: Differentiation and characterization of specific endothelial cell types from human pluripotent stem cell (J. Wertheim)
Photo of Nanjia Song

Nanjia Song

  • BS Life Science, Central South University - Changsha, China
  • MBP Research Project: Identification of novel circadian genes using a luciferase enhancer trap screen (R. Allada)
Photo of Yanfang Song

Yanfang Song

  • BS Medical Inspection Technology, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine - Wuhan City, China
  • MBP Research Project: VEGF secreting PMC (D. Joester)
Photo of Michael Stec

Michael Stec

  • BS Biology, Loyola University - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Project: The utilization of inspection citations as an indicator of recall events (A. Felse)
Photo of Yueyang Wang

Yueyang Wang

  • BS Biology, Wake Forest University - Wake Forest, NC
  • MBP Research Project: Efficacy of antisense SNAs in STAT3 splicing modulation (D. Giljohann)
Photo of Meng Wang

Meng Wang

  • BS Biotechnology, Anhui University - Hefei, China
  • MBP Research Project: Discovery of receptor proteins for the autophagic clearance of toxic amyloids (C. He)
Photo of Sara Wixon

Sara Wixon

  • BS Microbiology, University of Minnesota Twin Cities - Minneapolis, MN
  • MBP Research Project: Prospecting thiamine diphosphate-dependent carboligases and characterizing their promiscuity to create novel metabolic pathways from primary metabolites (K. Tyo)
Photo of Yongzhan Zhang

Yongzhan Zhang

  • BS Aquaculture Science, Hunan Agricultural University - Changsha, China
  • MBP Research Project: Distinct genomic features in mucosal, acral and vulvar melanomas (L. Zou)
Photo of Zhongyao Zhang

Zhongyao Zhang

  • BS Biological Sciences, Xiamen University - Xiamen, China
  • MBP Research Project: Characterization of novel lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus vectors expressing HIV-1 antigens (P. Penaloza)
Photo of Yibo Zhu

Yibo Zhu

  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of California - Davis, CA
  • MBP Research Project: Protein kinetics in nanofiber matrices of peptide amphiphiles (S. Stupp)