MBP Class of 2008-2009/10

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Photo of Erum Ahmed

Erum Ahmed

  • BS Bioengineering, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Proplatelet formation by megakaryocytes cultured on extracellular matrix protein-coated surfaces (W. Miller)
Photo of Matthew Barnes

Matthew Barnes

  • BS Biology, Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
  • MBP Research ProjectA model system to study the persistence of L. pneumophila in multi-species biofilms (N. Cianciotto) 
Photo of Niket Bubna

Niket Bubna

  • BS Biotechnology, PSG College of Arts and Science - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India)
  • MBP Research ProjectDevelopment of novel therapeutics for acute megakaryocytic leukemia (J. Crispino)
Photo of Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta

  • BS Chemistry, Banasthali University - Tonk, Rajasthan (India)
  • MBP Research ProjectPoint of care nucleic acid test system for HIV viral load (D. Kelso & S. McFall)
  • Continued Education: MS Biotechnology, Kurukshetra University - Kurukshetra, Haryana (India)
Photo of Nicole Hataway

Nicole Hataway

  • BS Biomedical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University - Ruston, LA
  • MBP Research ProjectPurifying virus and culturing high 5 cells (J. Leonard) 
Photo of Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter

  • BS Biology, Denison University - Granville, OH
  • MBP Research Project: Targeting Bcl-2 family proteins in the treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma (S. Rosen & N. Krett)
  • Continued Education: MD St. George's University - Grenada, West Indies (2010 - 2014); MBA Multisector Health Management, St. George's University - Grenada, West Indies (2014 - 2015)
Photo of Mateusz Janicki

Mateusz Janicki

  • BS Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto (Mississauga) - Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
  • MBP Research Project: Ditag sequencing analysis (S.M. Wang)
Photo of Raja Koneru

Raja Koneru

  • BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Discovery of novel pancreatic cancer susceptibility genes in familial pancreatic and breast cancer patients (Q. Gao)
Photo of I-Chan Lee

I-Chan Lee

  • BS Pharmacy, China Medical University - North District, Taichung City (Taiwan)
  • MBP Research Project: Functional importance of lowly expressed genes (S.M. Wang)
Photo of Catherine (Katya) Leites

Catherine (Katya) Leites

  • BS Mathematics (Operations Research) & BA Economics, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - Champaign, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Molecular modeling of innate immune cell polarization (J. Leonard)
Photo of Chia-Hsuan Lin

Chia-Hsuan Lin

  • BS Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University - Da’an District, Taipei City (Taiwan)
  • MBP Research Project: Extended DNA delivery from scaffolds (L. Shea)
Photo of Wei-Chih Lin

Wei-Chih Lin

  • BS Biochemical Science and Technology, National Taiwan University - Da’an District, Taipei City (Taiwan)
  • MBP Research Project: Generation of fluorescent labels in living cells – A combined approach of theoretical modeling and experimental screening (L. Broadbelt)
Photo of Katherine (Katie) Lindahl

Katherine (Katie) Lindahl

  • BS Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University - Houghton, MI
  • MBP Research Project: Characterization of posttranslational modifications of Centrobin (Q. Gao)
Photo of Ashley Lipinski

Ashley Lipinski

  • BA Biological Sciences (Biochemistry), Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Megakaryocytic cell culture and mechanisms of polyploidization (W. Miller)
Photo of Sarah Moum

Sarah Moum

  • BA Chemistry, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • MBP Research Project: pH-switchable catalysis in a nanoparticle system (B. Grzybowski)
  • Continued Education: MD University of Florida College of Medicine - Gainesville, FL
Photo of Kevin Oelstrom

Kevin Oelstrom

  • BS Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin (La Crosse) - La Crosse, WI
  • MBP Research Project: Using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism for drug discovery; Rescue of drosophila mutants using drugs; Studying the anesthetic effects of isoflurane on several drosophila genotypes (R. Allada)
  • Continued Education: PhD Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology,  University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Madison, WI (2015)
Photo of Joshua Prentiss

Joshua Prentiss

  • BS Biology, Franklin Pierce University - Rindge, NH
  • MBP Research Project: The in vitro and in vivo evaluation of UDP-GlcNAc: β-Gal β1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I (B3GnT1) as a potential therapeutic for glioblastomas (R. Kroes)
Photo of Aniruddha Rajan

Aniruddha Rajan

  • BS Chemical Engineering & BA Biology, Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD
  • MBP Research Project: Tissue engineering of ovarian strips in a fibrin scaffold with VEGF delivery (L. Shea)
Photo of Prasad Rote

Prasad Rote

  • BE Biotechnology, KIT's College of Engineering - Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Rejuvenating senescent human cells using transduction of polycomb protein Bmi-1 (G. Dimri)
Photo of Sindhuja Sagar

Sindhuja Sagar

  • BTech Biotechnology, Sathyabama University - Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Effects of CypB in prolactin stimulated signaling pathways in mouse mammary epithelial cells (C. Clevenger)
Photo of Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith

  • BS Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas (Austin) - Austin, TX
  • MBP Research Project: Behavioral evidence for planning sequences of saccades in rhesus monkeys (M. Segraves)
Photo of Anand Subramanian

Anand Subramanian

  • BS Integrative Biology, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - Champaign, IL
  • BS Biological Sciences, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Elucidating the genetic underpinnings of depression: a role for insulin like growth factor and the NMDA receptor in resilence to depression (J. Burgdorf)
  • Continued Education: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Midwestern University - Downers Grove, IL (2013 - 2017)
Photo of Saad Ali Syed

Saad Ali Syed

  • BS General Chemistry, University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
  • MBP Research Project: Micropatterned substrates: studying cell motility and drug design (B. Grzybowski)
Photo of Ryan Tubman

Ryan Tubman

  • BS Chemistry & BS Physiology, University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
  • MBP Research Project: The role of genetics in the sleep of Drosophila melanogaster (R. Allada)
Photo of Chien-Huan Weng

Chien-Huan Weng

  • BS Chemistry, National Central University - Zhongli District, Taoyuan City (Taiwan)
  • MBP Research Project: The role of mast cells in dysplasia (K. Khazaie)