Class of 2017- 2018/19

Photo of Simi Abraham

Simi Abraham

  • BS Biology, University of Colorado (Denver) - Denver, CO
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Kimberley Gray
  • MBP Research Project: Effects of silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles on environmental microorganisms and the transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes 
  • Internships: Harmann's Northwestern laboratory & University of Cape Town
  • Current Position: Regulatory Affairs Associate, Dental Technologies Inc. - Lincolnwood, IL
Photo of Ibrahim Alqemlas

Ibrahim Alqemlas

  • BS Biotechnology, University of Nottingham - Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Arthur Felse
  • MBP Research Project: Characterizing biological and drug recalls
  • Internships: American BioOptics and INVO - Northwestern University
Photo of YeonGee (Esther) Chae

YeonGee (Esther) Chae

  • BS Biology, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. J. TerWee, Pfizer
  • MBP Research Project: Developing reporter gene bioassay for Pfizer’s biomolecule
  • Internship: Pfizer
  • Current Position: Contractor, Pfizer - Lake Forest, IL
Photo of Tanner Cook

Tanner Cook

  • BS Biochemistry, University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Danielle Tullman-Ercek
  • MBP Research Project: Determining the effect of needle length of the Type III secretion system on secretion titers in Salmonella
  • Current Position: Research Associate II, Zymergen - San Francisco, CA
Photo of Daniel Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez

Photo of Xiaozhi (Kevin) Gao

Xiaozhi (Kevin) Gao

Photo of Maya Halthore

Maya Halthore

  • BS Biology & BA Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, VA
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. David Giljohann, Exicure
  • MBP Research Project: Investigation of solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) based spherical Nucleic acids 
  • Internship: Deloitte
  • Current Position: Strategy Consultant, PwC - Chicago, IL
Photo of Ning Han

Ning Han

  • BS Biopharmaceutical Technology, China Pharmaceutical University - NanjingJiangsu (China)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Derek Joester
  • MBP Research Project: Spatial distribution and function of spicule matrix proteins in the sea urchin embryo 
  • Internship: Exicure
  • Current Position: CMC Leadership Program, Project Management - WuXi Biologics
Photo of Giulia Hindermann

Giulia Hindermann

  • BS Neuroscience, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Yevgenia Kozoroviskiy
  • MBP Research Project: Dynamics of migration and connectivity in newly born hippocampal neurons
  • Current Position: PhD Student, Neuroscience at the University of Tübingen in Germany
Photo of Frederick Hsu

Frederick Hsu

  • BS Biochemistry, University of California (Los Angeles) - Los Angeles, CA
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. David Giljohann, Exicure
  • MBP Research Project: Synthesis, purification, and characterization of oligonucleotides for spherical nucleic acid (SNA) therapeutic Applications
  • Internship: Achaogen
Photo of Yaroslav Kaminskiy

Yaroslav Kaminskiy

  • Certificate in Biotechnology, Columbia University - New York City, NY
  • BS Global Economy, Moscow State Institute of International Relations - Moscow, Russia
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Evan Scott
  • MBP Research Project: A combinatorial nanomaterial strategy to alleviate off-target effects of drug therapy
  • Internship: Eli Lily
Photo of Michelle Koford

Michelle Koford

  • BS Human Nutrition, The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
  • MS Health Promotion and Education & Exercise Management, University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Jindan Yu
  • MBP Research Project: Role of NF90 in prostate cancer 
  • Internship: Catalent
Photo of Chuanlu (Jason) Liu

Chuanlu (Jason) Liu

  • BS Biotechnology, Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, Guangdong (China)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Sara Moreira
  • MBP Research Project: The correlation between patterns and products in the business developments of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Internship: Bank of China, Investment management
Photo of Jessica Long

Jessica Long

  • BS Biology, University of North Carolina (Greensboro) - Greensboro, NC
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. John Crispino
  • MBP Research Project: The role of DYRK1A phosphorylation of UTX in DS-ALL
  • Current Position: Junior Variant Scientist, Tempus - Chicago, IL
Photo of Nikhil Maheshwari

Nikhil Maheshwari

  • BS Genetics and Genomics, University of California (Davis) - Davis, CA
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Arthur Felse
  • MBP Research Project: Rare cancer clinical trials and mechanism of action approval trends
  • Current Position: Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte - Chicago, IL
Photo of Austin Miller

Austin Miller

Photo of Rohan Mohindroo

Rohan Mohindroo

  • BS Biomedical Sciences, Dominican University - River Forest, IL
  • BS Finance, Elmhurst College - Elmhurst, IL
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Shad Thaxton
  • MBP Research Project: Nanoparticles for measuring human performance
  • Internship: Catalent
Photo of Cameron Niazi

Cameron Niazi

  • BS Biological Sciences, Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Alex Yemelyanov
  • MBP Research Project: Targeted epigenetic modification using CRISPR-Cas system
  • Internship: AbbVie
Photo of Faith Ogungbe

Faith Ogungbe

  • BA Anthropology, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. William Muller
  • MBP Research Project: Therapeutically targeting diapedisis and the inflammatory response
  • Internship: University of Cape Town
  • Current Position: Research Associate, Northwestern University at Dr. Muller's lab - Evanston, IL
Photo of Nisar Parekh

Nisar Parekh

  • BS Neurobiology, University of Texas (Austin) - Austin, TX
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Bryan Bernat
  • MBP Research Project: Management of biopharmaceutical projects
  • Internship: Pfizer
Photo of Zachary Paul

Zachary Paul

  • BS Biological Sciences, Missouri University of Science and Technology - Rolla, MO
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Ravi Allada
  • MBP Research Project: The effect jet lag has on performance in major league baseball 
Photo of Michael Reed

Michael Reed

  • BS Environmental Engineering, Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Atique Ahmed
  • MBP Research Project: The role of engrailed homeobox 2 on glioblastoma
  • Internship: Coco Health
  • Current Position: Analyst, Clear View Health Partners
Photo of Suchitra Sankaranarayan

Suchitra Sankaranarayan

  • BS Pharmacy, Institute of Chemical Technology - Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Joshua Leonard
  • MBP Research Project: Elucidating a novel regulator of inflammation: the TLR4 Inhibitory Complex (TIC)
  • Internship: Amicus Therapeutics
  • Current Position: Process Development Senior Associate, Amgen - Thousand Oaks, CA
Photo of Afra Siddiqui

Afra Siddiqui

  • BFA Art, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. William Miller
  • MBP Research Project: Micro Bioreactor development for ex vivo platelet production
  • Current Position: Clinical Documentation Associate, AbbVie - Chicago, IL
Photo of Xiaolei Situ

Xiaolei Situ

  • BS Animal Science, China Agricultural University - Haidian, Beijing (China)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Congcong He
  • MBP Research Project: The molecular mechanisms of the autophagy protein Beclin 2 in the regulation of Alzheimer’s disease
Photo of Susmit Sukthankar

Susmit Sukthankar

  • BS Chemical Engineering, Rice University - Houston, TX
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Julie TerWee, Pfizer
  • MBP Research Project: The integration of automated liquid handling for bioassay development 
  • Internship: Amicus Therapeutics
  • Current Position: Associate Consultant, Beghou Consulting - Evanston, IL
Photo of Katherine Tan

Katherine Tan

  • BA Biochemistry, University of Texas (Austin) - Austin, TX
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Julie TerWee, Pfizer
  • MBP Research Project: Application of surface plasmon resonance technology (BiaCore) in biosimilars pharmaceutical product development
  • Internship: Pfizer
  • Current Position: PhD Student, University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne
Photo of Yidan Wang

Yidan Wang

  • BS Biotechnology, Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, Guangdong (China)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Pablo Penaloza-MacMaster
  • MBP Research Project: Modulation of inhibitory pathways for reversing T cell exhaustion
  • Internship: AbbVie 
  • Current Position: PhD Student, Driskill at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine - Chicago, IL
Photo of Yifan Xu

Yifan Xu

  • BS Pharmaceutics, East China University of Science and Technology - Xuhui, Shanghai (China)
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. William Klein
  • MBP Research Project: High throughput screen of small organic molecules for inhibition of AβO’s binding with NaKATPase
  • Internship: Catalent
  • Current Position: CMC Leadership Program: Project Manager, WuXi Biologics
Photo of Danielle Yoesep

Danielle Yoesep

  • BS Neuroscience, University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Michael Jewett
  • MBP Research Project: Ribosome engineering
Photo of Dian Zhang

Dian Zhang

  • BS Biochemistry & BS Nutritional Science, University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Madison, WI
  • MBP Research Preceptor: Dr. Daniel Foltz
  • MBP Research Project: Centromere dysfunction in cancer
  • Internship: Catalent

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