MBP Class of 2021-2022/23

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Photo of Ashleigh  Acker

Ashleigh Acker

Undergraduate: BS Biology, Emory University 
Research: "Characterizing Self-Assembling Properties of Novel Bacterial Microcompartment Shell Proteins Using Cell-Free Protein Synthesis "
Internship: Graduate Researcher at DTE Lab

Photo of Andrew Benintende

Andrew Benintende

Undergraduate: BS Movement Science, University of Michigan
PhD: Doctor of Medicine, Michigan State University 
Research: "Prevention of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Induced Apoptosis via Nanoparticle Delivery of C/EBP Homologous Protein (CHOP) small interfering RNA (siRNA) "

Photo of Yvette Calvillo

Yvette Calvillo

Undergraduate: BLAS, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Research: "Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and Proteomics Quanitifcation of Expression"

Photo of Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen

Undergraduate: BS Molecular Cell Biology, University of Connecticut 
Research: "Identification of Blood Based Biomarkers to Predict Circadian Time using Machine Learning"

Photo of Yang Cheng

Yang Cheng

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, Xiamen University 
Research: "Deciphering the role of H3K9me3 in regulating the progression and
epigenetic landscape of AML" 
Internship: Research Technician at Northwestern University

Photo of Qi Chu

Qi Chu

Research: "P300/CPB Inhibitor in Prostate cancer treatment"
Photo of Megan Cunningham

Megan Cunningham

Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, University of Dayton 
Research: "Project Biological Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from wastewater via PdNA"
Internship: R&D Intern at Circ

Photo of Natalia Deszcz

Natalia Deszcz

Undergraduate: BS Health Sciences, DePaul University 
Research: "Characterization of Small Molecule Binding to MYC Protein: Investigating the Role of the NME2-MYC Axis in Conferring Drug Resistance in CRPC"
Internship: Quality Control Intern at Exicure

Photo of Mbolle Ekane

Mbolle Ekane

Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of Texas at Austin
Research: "An Organoid Model For Amyloid Beta Oligomers: Effectiveness of NU9 Against Neurotoxic Protein Accumulation in Alzheimer’s Disease"
Internship: Drug Discovery Intern at Eli Lilly and Company

Photo of Sean Flannery

Sean Flannery

Undergraduate: BS Biology, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Research: "Delineating the Immediate and Direct Effects of HSF1 Activity in
Internship: Research Associate at Northwestern University 

Photo of Emily Gamero

Emily Gamero

Undergraduate: BS Biological Sciences, Florida International University 
Research: "Encapsulation of a Branched Pathway Within a Bacterial Organelle to
Internship: Reserach Assistant at Northwestern University 

Photo of Anjali Gondalia

Anjali Gondalia

Undergraduate: BA Neuroscience, Boston University 
Research: "Determining antimicrobial properties of Pfizer’s test samples against Clostridioides species: A feasibility study"
Internship: Immunology Intern at AbbVie

Photo of Songlin Guo

Songlin Guo

Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of Washington 
Research: "Circadian Regulator CLOCK Regulates Macrophage
Immunosuppressive Polarization in Glioblastoma"
Internship: Research Intern at Northwestern University

Photo of Irene Jacob

Irene Jacob

Undergraduate: B.Tech. Biotechnology, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
Research: "Deciphering the role of creatine on glioblastoma fitness under hypoxic
Internship: Biology Co-Op at Mereck 

Photo of Anusha Kamath

Anusha Kamath

Undergraduate: BS Pharmacy, University of Mumbai 
Research: "Pharmaceutical Value-based Pricing: Complexities and a Promise"
Internship: Analytical Methods Development Intern at Genentech 

Photo of Nilofar Khanbhai

Nilofar Khanbhai

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Ferris State University
Research: "Mapping Distribution of Biomineralization Proteins in Sea Urchin Spicules Using Recombinant Antibodies"
Internship: Business Development & Strategy Intern at Evozyne 

Photo of Kevin Lerner

Kevin Lerner

Undergraduate: BS Molecular Biology, Gettysburg College 
Research: "Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium autoethanogenum to Produce Monoethylene Glycol"
Internship: Research Intern at LanzaTech

Photo of Ziyan Liang

Ziyan Liang

Undergraduate: BS Pharmacy, Peking University 
Research: "Validation of KSHV miRNA targets and Identification of Drug Targets in
Primary Effusion Lymphoma"
Internship: Lab Intern at Northwestern University 

Photo of Minghui Lu

Minghui Lu

Undergraduate: BS Biology, Sewanee: University of the South 
Research: "Utilizing Decoy RNA As A Potential Glioblastoma Therapy"
Internship: Research Assistant at Northwestern University

Photo of Aakaanksha  Maddineni

Aakaanksha Maddineni

Undergraduate: BS Technology and Genetic Engineering, SRM. Institute of Science and Technology
Research: "Establishment of a CRISPRa system for KSHV-Transformed Primary Effusion Lymphoma Cell Lines"
Internship: Product Development Intern at Acorn Genetics

Photo of Yashasvi  Matam

Yashasvi Matam

Undergraduate: BS Neuroscience, Indiana University
Research: "Identifying Novel Metabolic Targets That Prevent the Activation of    Hepatic Stellate Cells in NASH"
Internship: Co-Op Student at Octagon Therapeutics

Photo of Micaela  Naibryf

Micaela Naibryf

Undergraduate: BS Chemical Engineering, Columbia University 
Research: "IXA4 effects on unfolded protein response (UPR) in livers"
Internship: Microbial Process Development Itern at Eli Lilly 

Photo of Esther Nehmad Karasik

Esther Nehmad Karasik

Undergraduate: M.B.B.S.: Medicine and Surgery, Universidad Anáhuac México
Research: "Bioenergy recovery from waste nitrogen"

Photo of Ruxuan Qiu

Ruxuan Qiu

Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of Wisconsin 
Research: "Alzheimer’s-Related Amyloid Beta Oligomers in Developing CNS: A
Link between Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration"
Internship: Graduate Research Student at Northwestern University 

Photo of Anuragini  Rastogi

Anuragini Rastogi

Undergraduate: BS Science, Banasthali Vidyapith
Masters: MS Biotechnology, Banasthali Vidyapith
Research: "Metabolic engineering of Clostridium autoethanogenum to produce value-added chemicals"
Internship: Co-Op at Janssen Pharmaceuticals 

Photo of Robert Reichert

Robert Reichert

Undergraduate: BA Biology, Illinois Wesleyan University 
Research: "Fabrication and Characterization of Synthetic Nanocarriers"

Photo of Isaiah Richardson

Isaiah Richardson

Undergraduate: BS Biomedical Sciences, Concordia University Wisconsin 
Research: The Synthesis of 1,2,4-Butanetriol from D-xylose through Metabolic
Engineering in a Cell-free System

Photo of Kelechi Shere

Kelechi Shere

Undergraduate: BS Applied Biology and Biotechnology, Covenant University
Research: "The Role Of Leukocyte Transmigration Mechanisms In Tumor Cell Metastases"
Internship: Analytical Methods Development Intern at Novartis

Photo of Mahima Shilotri

Mahima Shilotri

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, D.Y. Patil University 
Research: "Metabolic engineering of gas-fermenting microbes for the production of fuels and chemicals"
Internship: Intern at Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp

Photo of Caylee Silvers

Caylee Silvers

Undergraduate: BS Biology, University of Wisconsin 
Research: "Genetic modulation of myeloid cells for enhancing anti-glioma
Internship: Student Researcher at Northwestern University 

Photo of Ruihao Song

Ruihao Song

Undergraduate: B.Eng. Food Safety and Quality, China Agricultural University 
Research: "Wearable Battery-free Colorimetric Timer on Sweat Patch for
time-dynamic nanoplasmonic Lactate sensing"

Photo of Isaac Svebakken

Isaac Svebakken

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, North Dakota State University 
Research: "Cultivated Meat Production Process Scale-up and Characterization"
Internship: Research Associate at Clever Carnivore 

Photo of Calliope Vaselopulos

Calliope Vaselopulos

Undergraduate: BS Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The Ohio State University 
Research: "Utilizing Advanced Cell Culture Platforms to Develop In Vitro Intestinal Models"
Internship: Process Biochemistry Intern at Biogen

Photo of Yeshasvi  Vempati

Yeshasvi Vempati

Undergraduate: BA Biological Sciences, Northwestern University 

Photo of Deepali Venkatesh Prasanna

Deepali Venkatesh Prasanna

Undergraduate: BE Biotechnology Engineering with first class Distinction, RV College of Engineering, Bangalore India
Research: "Development of Cell Free Prototyping Pathways for Anti-Biotic
Internship: Research Intern at Northwestern University

Photo of Hanxiang Wang

Hanxiang Wang

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Sunyat-Sen University
Research: "Development and characterization of a therapy resistant murine glioma
Internship: Graduate Researcher at Northwestern University

Photo of Yushi Wang

Yushi Wang

Undergraduate: BS Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego 
Research: "Developing in vitro Human Intestinal Epithelial Cell Culture Models"

Photo of Zhiyuan  Wang

Zhiyuan Wang

Research: "Developing soil micorbial fuel cells for long-term, stable power
Photo of Yaning Xi

Yaning Xi

Undergraduate: BS Food and Safety, Troy University
Masters: MS Biomedical Science, Troy University 
Research: "How does Loss of Par3 Affect Ciliogenesis in Pancreatic Ductal

Photo of Yeojin (Daisy) Yang

Yeojin (Daisy) Yang

Undergraduate: BA Biological Sciences (Cell Biology & Physiology) and Economics, Northwestern University 
Research: "Optimization of Polymeric Nanoparticle System for mRNA Gene
Internship: Drug Product Design Intern at Pfizer

Photo of Rongzhen Yu

Rongzhen Yu

Undergraduate: BS Biotechnology, Jilin University