Class of 2010 - 2011/12

Photo of Salina Abusali

Salina Abusali

  • BS Food Technology, Assumption University - Bangkok, Thailand
  • MBP Research Project: Study of Clathrin and Caveolin mediated endocytosis in PC-12 cells (G. Woloschak)
  • Current Position: Scientist II, Singulex - San Alameda, CA
Photo of Yi (Amy) Ai

Yi (Amy) Ai

  • BS Biotechnology, Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, Guangdong (China)
  • MBP Research Project: Improvement of hemocompatibility of a cell receptor-based bioadsorbent (G. Ameer)
  • Internship: Rush University Medical Center
  • Current Position: Regional Sales Manager, GenScript - Singapore
Photo of Resham Singh Banga

Resham Singh Banga

  • BTech Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology - Mumbai, India
  • MBP Research Project: Therapeutic delivery of pre-microRNA using DNA oligonucleotide-gold nanoparticle conjugates (C. Mirkin)
  • Current Position: PhD Candidate, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL 
Photo of Richard Bellin

Richard Bellin

  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Madison, WI
  • MBP Research Project: Ribosome assembly (M. Jewett)
  • Internship: Ohmx Corporation
  • Current Position: Scientist I, Oncology Biomarker Discovery and Translational Biology, AbbVie - North Chicago, IL
Photo of Yergali Bexeitov

Yergali Bexeitov

Photo of Deepika Bhatia (neé Govind)

Deepika Bhatia (neé Govind)

  • BS Chemical Engineering, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ
  • MBP Research Project: Biochemical processing and applications of carbon-based nanomaterials (M. Hersam)
  • Internships: GE Healthcare & MedImmune
  • Current Position: Consultant, Slalom Consulting - St. Louis, MO
Photo of Michael Born

Michael Born

  • BS Bioengineering, San Diego State University - San Diego, CA
  • Internship: MedImmune
  • MBP Research Project: Biochemical processing and applications of carbon-based nanomaterials (M. Hersam)
  • Current Position: Associate Scientist, Analytical Chemistry, La Jolla Biologics, Inc. - San Diego, CA
Photo of Cheng Cheng

Cheng Cheng

  • BS Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology - Xuhui, Shanghai (China)
  • MBP Research Project: Directed differentiation of neural progenitor cells using three-dimensional scaffolds (L. Shea)
  • Internship: Merck & Co.
  • Continued Education: MBA, Indiana University Kelley School of Business - Bloomington, IN (2015 - 2017)
  • Current Position: iCMS Project Leader, Sanofi - Shanghai City, China
Photo of Chintan Chheda

Chintan Chheda

  • BE Biotechnology, Dr. DY Patil Vidyapeeth University - Pune, Maharashtra (India)
  • MBP Research Project: TBA (P. Grippo)
  • Internship: Northwestern University  (P. Grippo)
  • Current Position: Research Associate, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles, CA
Photo of Phillip Chu

Phillip Chu

  • BAS Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
  • MBP Research Project: New mass spectrometric methods for identifying peptide and polyketide natural products (N. Kelleher)
  • Internship: Northwestern University (N. Kelleher)
  • Current Position: Scientific Researcher, Genentech - San Francisco, CA
Photo of Nidhi Doshi

Nidhi Doshi

  • BS Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin (Madison) - Madison, WI
  • MBP Research Project: TBA (J. Bass)
  • Current Position: Senior Research Associate, Late Stage Pharmaceutical Development, Genentech - San Francisco, CA
Photo of Brendon Dusel

Brendon Dusel

  • BA Philosophy, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Synthetic band-pass design for examining real-time cell-cell signalling (J. Leonard)
  • Internship: Genentech
  • Current Position: Automation Scientist, Conagen - Bedford, MA
Photo of Clair Gameng (neé Tartell)

Clair Gameng (neé Tartell)

Photo of Shawn Gray

Shawn Gray

  • BS Biology, State University of New York (Oswego) - Oswego, NY
  • MBP Research Project: Cellular application of biofunctionalized nanoparticles (D. Giljohann)
  • Internship: AuraSense Therapeutics, LLC
  • Current Position: Executive Sales Manager, E' Bian Yong Feng Mining LTD - Leshan, Sichuan (China)
Photo of Leigh Ann Guennewig-Kowalski

Leigh Ann Guennewig-Kowalski

Photo of Zofia Gwarnicki

Zofia Gwarnicki

  • BS Biology, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Project: 1) Downstream Processing of Phytol 2) Evaluation of Current Efficiency in Electrodialysis Process (S. Snyder)
  • Internship: Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
  • Current Position: Senior Copywriter, Razorfish Health - Chicago, IL
Photo of Nizamuddin Hashemi

Nizamuddin Hashemi

  • BE Biotechnology, Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal, Karnataka (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Transcription arrays (L. Shea)
  • Current Position: Validation Engineer, Cook Regentec - Indianapolis, IN
Photo of Di Huang

Di Huang

  • BS Molecular Genetics, University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
  • MBP Research Project: Gene expression profiling of chronic allograft rejections (H. Jiang)
  • Internship: Northwestern University (H. Jiang)
  • Current Position: PhD Candidate, Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts (Amherst) - Amherst, MA
Photo of Kenichi Iwadate

Kenichi Iwadate

Photo of Shweta Iyer

Shweta Iyer

  • BE Biotechnology, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College - Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Cellular application of biofunctionalized nanoparticles (D. Giljohann)
  • Internship: AuraSense Therapeutics, LLC
  • Current Position: R&D Technologist, Exicure - Skokie, IL
Photo of Genevieve (Jenna) Jouandet

Genevieve (Jenna) Jouandet

  • BS Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
  • MBP Research Project: Building nanotechnology and proteomic tools for understanding developmental and pathological EMTs (C. LaBonne
  • Current Position: PhD Candidate, Neuroscience, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
Photo of Sayali Kale Kandari

Sayali Kale Kandari

Photo of Stefanie Kall

Stefanie Kall

  • BS Biochemistry, Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
  • MBP Research Project: The role of Syndecans in migration of breast cancer cells across the blood brain barrier (J. Koblinski)
  • Current Position: Application Specialist, Nanotemper Technologies - Chicago, IL
Photo of Louis Kauffman

Louis Kauffman

  • BS Biology, Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
  • MBP Research Project: Role of CNS clock in metabolism (J. Bass)
  • Internship: Sanofi-Pasteur
  • Current Position: Management Consultant, Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Accenture - Philadelphia, PA
Photo of Rachit Kumar

Rachit Kumar

  • BTech Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology (Trichy) - Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Expression of anti-miRNA antibodies in cancer cells (M. Peter)
  • Internship: Northwestern University (M. Peter) & Genentech
  • Current Position: Senior Consultant and Team Lead, Future Market Insights - Pune, Maharashtra (India)
Photo of Qi Li

Qi Li

  • BS Biotechnology, Wuhan University of Technology - Wuhan, Hubei (China)
  • MBP Research Project: Effect of siRNA length on knockdown efficiency and activation of the innate immune response (C. Mirkin)
  • Internship: AuraSense Therapeutics, LLC
  • Current Position: PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University (New Brunswick) - New Brunswick, NJ
Photo of Chen-Chen (Rita) Liao

Chen-Chen (Rita) Liao

  • BS Biomedical Lab Science, Kaohsiung Medical University - Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City (Taiwan)
  • MBP Research Project: Biomimetic high density lipoprotein nanoparticles – Synthesis, properties, and gene delivery (S. Thaxton)
  • Internship: Northwestern University (S. Thaxton) & Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Current Position: Clinical Research Associate, PPD - Taipei City, Taiwan
Photo of Zachary Mays

Zachary Mays

  • BS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Boston University - Boston, MA
  • MBP Research Project: High-throughput transcription factor activity analysis in multiple differentiating megakaryocytic cell lines (W. Miller)
  • Internship: Sanofi-Pasteur
  • Current Position: PhD Candidate, Synthetic Biology and Systems Bioengineering, Tufts University - Medford, MA
Photo of Daniel Medrano

Daniel Medrano

  • BS Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University - New York, NY
  • MBP Research Project: Fapl as a therapeutic target in chronic mjeloid leukemia (E. Eklund)
  • Internship: Genentech
Photo of Sean Pruell

Sean Pruell

  • BS Biochemistry, Boston College - Chestnut Hill, MA
  • MBP Research Project: Developing new methods to evaluate single cell motility (R. Bergan)
  • Internship: Abbott Laboratories
  • Current Position: Sr. Process Scientist, Abbott - Lake County, IL
Photo of Chitra Saran

Chitra Saran

Photo of Harmanjeet (Harman) Singh

Harmanjeet (Harman) Singh

  • BS Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL
  • MBP Research Project: Developing a webtool for estimating intracellular metabolic flux using standard fermentation measurements (K. Tyo)
  • Internship: MedImmune
  • Current Position: Process Engineer, ADVENT Engineering Services, Inc - San Ramon, CA
Photo of Vikramaditya Singh

Vikramaditya Singh

  • BE Biotechnology, Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal, Karnataka (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Tweaking RNA interference to bolster antiviral immunity in mammalian cells (R. Carthew)
  • Internship: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Current Position: Sr. Software Consultant, Advansoft International, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Photo of Yi Song

Yi Song

  • BS Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Minhang, Shanghai (China)
  • MBP Research Project: Molecular and cellular basis of chronic allograft vasculopathy (H. Jiang)
  • Internships: Astellas Research Institute of America, LLC & University of Iowa
  • Continued Education: MS Statistics, University of Illinois (Chicago) - Chicago, IL (2014 - 2016)
  • Current Position: Associate Statistics Manager, Astellas Pharma - Northbrook, IL
Photo of Vibha Tamboli

Vibha Tamboli

  • BTech Biotechnology Engineering, Pune University - Pune, Maharashtra (India)
  • MBP Research Project: Study of Nitric oxide release using diazeniumdiaolate functionalised Peptide Amphiphile (S. Stupp)
  • Internship: Ohmx Corporation
  • Continued Education: PhD Pharmacy, Cardiff University - Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Current Position: Commerciallization Associate, Cambridge Enterprise - Cambridge, UK
Photo of Sihan Teng

Sihan Teng

  • BA Chemistry, Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, Guangdong (China)
  • MBP Research Project: Molecular genetics of general anesthesia (R. Allada)
  • Internship: Northwestern University  (R. Allada)
  • Current Position: Project Manager, WuXi AppTec - Shanghai, China
Photo of Brittany Vallette

Brittany Vallette

Photo of Eric Van Groll

Eric Van Groll

  • BS Biological Sciences, Butler University - Indianapolis, IN
  • MBP Research Project: Development of a commercially viable eukaryotic cell-free protein synthesis system (M. Jewett)
  • Internship: Ohmx Corporation
  • Current Position: Research Associate III, Ohmx Corporation - Evanston, IL
Photo of He Zheng

He Zheng

  • BS Biotechnology, Sun Yat-Sen University - Guangzhou, Guangdong (China)
  • MBP Research Project: 1. Roles of redox-active “antibiotics” in microbial physiology 2. Engineering bactericidal steel surfaces for medical applications (Y. Wang)
  • Continued Education: PhD Environmental Engineering and Science, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL (2012 - 2015)
  • Current Position: Director of R&D, AMT Scientific LLC - Baltimore, MD
Photo of Yuan Zhou

Yuan Zhou

  • BS Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Toronto - Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
  • MBP Research Project: Molecular analysis of schizophrenia-related gene mutant mice (M. Matsumoto)
  • Internship: Northwestern University (M. Matsumoto)
  • Current Position: Senior Scientist, Neuroscience, Merck & Co - West Point, PA