Faculty Directory
Michael Jewett

Adjunct Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Silverman 3621 & 1710
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-467-5007Email Michael Jewett


Jewett Lab


Center for Synthetic Biology


Chemical and Biological Engineering


PhD Program in Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

M.S. Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering specialization (summa cum laude), University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Research Interests

The Jewett lab focuses on advancing synthetic biology research in support of planet and societal health. We develop data-driven, multiplexed methods to elucidate fundamental principles about how the living world works. We use the knowledge from these insights to develop cell-free biotechnologies for decentralized biomanufacturing, portable diagnostics, and educational kits to serve human needs. A key feature of our work is an emphasis on advancing and applying our capacity to partner with biology to make what is needed, where and when it is needed, on a sustainable and renewable basis. Our work holds promise to transform bioengineering applications in health, manufacturing, sustainability, and education, anywhere on earth and even beyond.

Selected Publications

Stark, J.C., Jaroentomeechai, T., Moeller, T.D., Hershewe, J.M., Warfel, K.F., Moricz, B.S., Martini, A.M., Dubner, R.S., Hsu, K.J., Stevenson, T.C., Jones, B.D., DeLisa, M.P., and Jewett, M.C. 2021. On-demand, biomanufacturing of protective conjugate vaccines. Science Advances. 7(6): EABE9444.

Karim, A.S., Dudley, Q.M., Juminaga, A., Yuan, Y., Crowe, S.A., Heggestad, J.T. Garg, S., Abdalla, T., Grubbe, W.,Rasor, B., Coar, D., Torculas, M., Krein, M., Liew, F., Quattlebaum, A., Jensen, R.O., Stuart, J., Simpson, S.D., Köpke, M., and Jewett, M.C. 2020. In vitro prototyping and rapid optimization of biosynthetic enzymes for cellular design. Nature Chemical Biology. 16: 912–919.

Hammerling, M.J.,  Fritz, B.R., Yoesep, D.J., Kim, D.S., Carlson, E.D., and Jewett, M.C. 2020. In vitro ribosome synthesis and evolution through ribosome display. Nature Communications. 11: 1108.

Silverman, A.D., Akova, U., Alam, K.K., Jewett, M.C., and Lucks, J.B. 2020. Design and optimization of a cell-free atrazine biosensor. ACS Synthetic Biology. 9: 671–677.

Silverman, A.D., Karim, A.S., and Jewett, M.C. 2020. Cell-free gene expression systems: An expanded repertoire of applications. Nature Reviews Genetics. 21: 151-170.

Kightlinger, W., Duncker, K., Ramesh, A., Thames, A., Natarajan, A., Stark, J.C., Yang, A., Lin, L., Mrksich, M., DeLisa, M.P., and Jewett, M.C. 2019. A. cell-free biosynthesis platform for modular construction of protein glycosylation pathways. Nature Communications. 10: 5404.

Jaroentomeechai, T., Stark, J.C., Natarajan, A., Glasscock, C., Yates, L., Hsu, K.J., Mrksich, M., Jewett, M.C., and DeLisa, M.P. 2018. Single-pot glycoprotein biosynthesis using a cell-free transcription-translation system enriched with glycosylation machinery. Nature Communications. 9, 2686. 

Stark, J.C., Huang, A., Nguyen, P.Q., Dubner, R.S., Hsu, K.J., Ferrante,T., Anderson, M., Kanapskyte, A., Mucha, Q., Packett, J.S., Patel, P., Patel, R., Qaq, D., Zondor, T., Burke, J., Martinez, T., Miller-Berry, A., Puppala, A., Reichert, K., Schmid, M., Brand, L., Hill, L.R., Chellaswamy, J.F., Faheem, N., Fetherling, S., Gong, E., Gonzalzles, E.M., Granito, T., Koritsaris, J., Nguyen, B., Ottman, S., Palffy, C., Patel, A., Skweres, S., Slaton, A., Woods, T., Donghia, N., Pardee, K., Collins, J.J., Jewett, M.C. 2018. BioBits Bright: a fluorescent synthetic biology education kit. Science Advances. EAAT5107. 

Areas of Research

cell-free synthetic biology, protein synthesis, therapeutics, glycosylation, engineered ribosomes