COMP_SCI 497: Advanced Topics in Theory+X

Quarter Offered

Winter : 9 -12 Tu ; Hartline


Prior Ph.D. level coursework in theoretical computer science or economic theory.


Synopsis: This is an advanced topics seminar that will consider broad topics from the perspectives of theoretical computer science and economic theory. Many objects of academic study can be viewed as an economic and computational system, where inputs are mapped to outputs via simple rules that govern simple local optimizations of components in the system. Methods from computer science and methods from economics and game theory need to be combined to understand broadly how outcomes in these systems arise and what are the controls by which these outcomes can be globally optimized. A main goal of the class is get a taste for how extroverted, forward-thinking research questions are formulated.


COURSE COORDINATOR: Prof. Jason Hartline 

COURSE GOALS: Familiarity with literature.  Ability to apply theoretical computer science and economic methods to broadly important questions.

DETAILED COURSE TOPICS: Optimal Taxation, Privacy, Commitment in Online Markets, Adaptive Data Analysis, Fairness and Bias, Evolution, Learning as Solution Concept, Computation and the Brain.

ASSIGNMENTS: paper reading, survey paper, research proposal.