COMP_SCI 450: Internet Security

Quarter Offered

Winter : 3:30-4:50 TuTh ; Chen


Required: COMP_SCI 340 or COMP_SCI 343 or COMP_SCI 354 prior to this class’


Cybercrime has exploded over the last decade. In this course, we will start with the basic concepts of network security, then focus on security challenges of network and distributed systems as well as the counter-attack approaches.

  • Approved for Systems Breadth in the CS curriculum in McCormick and Weinberg
  • This course satisfies the project requirement. 

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: There is no required textbook. All reading will be from papers which will be made available online.
Recommended books and references


DETAILED COURSE TOPICS: mobile malcode, e.g., virus, worms and botnets, emerging threats on Web 2.0, social networks, and wireless/cellular networks, and their defense mechanisms (e.g., intrusion detection and prevention techniques).

PROJECTS: Projects (done in groups of size 2+) are a critical component of this course. Your goal is to design, build and evaluate interesting systems that address issues, solve problems and exploit techniques from classroom discussions and readings.

Projects must be written up in a term paper and teams will present their results at the end of the course in a mini-conference and write up a report. The list of potential ideas for projects will be posted soon. Feel free to use one, propose something completely different, or refine one of these into your own idea.

GRADES:  No exams for this class.

  • Class participation 10%
  • Paper reading summary 10%
  • In class paper presentation and debate 25%
  • Project 55%
    - Proposal and survey 5%
    - Midterm presentation and report 10%
    - Weekly report and meeting 10%
    - Final presentation 10%
    - Final report 20%