COMP_SCI 130: Tools and Technology of the World Wide Web

Quarter Offered

Spring : 4-4:50 MWF ; Van Wart




This course is an introduction to the web, and assumes no prior knowledge. If you feel like you know nothing about coding (as in computer code) or design, but are a little bit curious about the web, then this course for you. If you’ve had quite a bit of experience with coding and design but want to continue developing your skills / portfolio, then this course may be for you, although you may also want to explore additional courses offered in the CS Department (e.g. Intro to Web Development, Agile Programming, Information Visualization, Intro to HCI, etc.). If you are a CS major or minor, please note that this course does not count as a technical elective (though you are certainly still welcome to take it).

Course Format

The course format is synchronous: class time will be used to discuss concepts and techniques, ask/answer questions, and work on coding and design activities together.  There will also be weekly discussion sections, where you will work with a member of the teaching staff to complete short assignments. You will be assessed based on (a) weekly homework assignments, and (b) a final project (which can be completed individually or in a group) – where you will create a website of your choosing.