Course Descriptions
MECH_ENG 495: Selected Topics: Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

Quarter Offered

None : MW 12:30-1:50pm ; Cheng Sun


Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, refers to the processes of creating 3D objects from computer-aided design models via the sequential addition of the materials. It offers disruptive potential in redefining how a broad range of products, ranging from medical devices to aerospace structures, are designed, manufactured, and ultimately brought to the market. Fabricating three-dimensional parts in a layer-by-layer fashion provides engineers with unprecedented possibilities for designing and creating novel 3D devices using a wide range of functional materials. Such a unique capability allows engineers to create light-weight structures, consolidate assemblies of multiple components into a single 3D printed part, and functionally gradient structures using multi-material components to improve performance. This course is designed to provide an overview of available AM processes and basic scientific understanding of this emerging technology.