Undergraduate Study
Advising and Forms


As freshmen, engineering students meet regularly with faculty advisers to select courses and familiarize themselves with McCormick. At the end of the first year, students in mechanical engineering transition to a faculty adviser in the department. The student and departmental adviser then build a relationship during the rest of the student's college years and beyond.


On this page are important documents and forms students should use during their undergraduate study in mechanical engineering.

Theme Form (By End of Junior Year)

Application for Graduation (By end of Junior Year)

Change of Catalog Year or Major Form

Undergraduate Course Withdrawal Form

Curriculum Petition Form

Undergraduate Handbooks

The ME Undergraduate Handbook includes:

  • Course listings and descriptions
  • Degree requirements
  • A sample four-year schedule
  • A sample five-year co-op schedule
  • People and places to know
  • Department contact information.

View the Undergraduate Handbook

Prerequisite Flow Charts

The Prerequisite Flow Charts provide a visual guide to the department's course prerequisites.

McCormick Advisory System

The McCormick Advisory System provides a checklist to help students determine the progress towards degree completion and if they have satisfied all departmental degree requirements.

Social Science/Humanities Theme

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LinkedIn Groups

Please note that requests to join departmental LinkedIn groups must be approved by the group manager. Membership is restricted to current mechanical engineering students at Northwestern.

Mechanical Engineering Department LinkedIn Group