Quick Facts

Faculty Facts

  • Highly interdisciplinary faculty and research program
  • Nearly $9 million/year funded research
  • 30 faculty members including 7 female (24 FTE)
  • 1 winner of the National Medal of Science
  • 1 winner of the National Medal of Technology
  • 6 members of the National Academy of Engineering
  • 2 members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 4 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 15 faculty members are fellows of at least one professional society
  • 6 editors-in-chief of international research journals
  • 6 associate editors of at least one research journal
  • 14 awardees of young investigator awards (NSF Career, ONR, Whitaker Foundation)

Undergraduate Study

  • About 330 undergraduate students in mechanical engineering
  • About 90 BSME degrees were awarded last year
  • Class size is typically between 10 and 60 students
  • Nearly all undergraduates finish in four years or fewer
  • Cooperative education program available
  • Study abroad and foreign externships available
  • BS/MS program available
  • Certificate programs in business basics and engineering design
  • Undergraduate research opportunities with world-class faculty

Graduate Study

  • About 150 graduate students in mechanical engineering
  • About 45 MS and 10 PhD degrees awarded last year
  • Highly interdisciplinary graduate research with world-class faculty
  • Nearly all doctorate candidate graduate students are supported by fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships
  • Can complete an MS degree in 9 (non-thesis)-18 (thesis) months
  • Typically four or five years to complete a PhD (beyond BS)