A Message from the Chair

Kevin LynchWelcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern, ranked among the top five mechanical engineering departments nationwide by the rigorous National Research Council rankings in 2010.

We hope you enjoy our news articles and informational pages, which highlight our innovative, interdisciplinary research areasexcellent array of courses, and vibrant student and faculty activities. Our research productivity continues to rise with funding of externally sponsored research, despite increasing competition for such funds. Our faculty continue to develop and innovate in the classroom to deliver the best curriculum to our students at all levels. You can see many high-level teaching awards honoring our faculty in recognition of these successful programs.

Our faculty and students continue to be recognized with the highest honors. I mention only two here, but details on many others can be found on the respective honors and awards pages for our facultygraduate students, and undergraduates. A medal was established in Kornel Ehmann’s name for recognizing outstanding works in the field of micro- and nano-manufacturing, and another medal for young researchers in structural health monitoring was established in Jan Achenbach’s name. Such honors of the highest degree demonstrate the strength of these faculty and their research in our department.

The department has developed a new strategic plan that overlaps optimally with that of the engineering school and the University, positioning us well for the coming years. This plan builds on the mechanical engineering core disciplines of mechanics, manufacturing, and systems with strategic thrusts in design, nano/micro-science and technology, biosystems and health, energy and sustainability, and multiscale simulation.

Enjoy the great stories and breaking departmental news you’ll find within our site. You can also check out our newsletter for highlights, faculty and student spotlights, and our latest events. We continue in the pursuit of our goal to provide the highest quality of education and research in the interdisciplinary mechanical engineering domain for engineers and the engineering of our future.

Kevin Lynch

Chair of Mechanical Engineering