Undergraduate Study
BS Curriculum
Honors, Electives, and Certificate Programs

Honors Program

A student with a good scholastic record may be admitted to the Undergraduate Honors Program during the junior or pre-senior year. At the time of admission, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. An honors student participating in the program must complete at least three units of approved advanced study (including courses normally accepted at the graduate level) with an average grade of B or better and complete an extended independent study project (at least two quarters on the same topic) leading to an acceptable report.

Successful completion of the Honors Program will be noted on the student's transcript. Recognition will also be given in the commencement program. If a student's individually evaluated performance is not judged to meet the standards of success, the student will receive course grades and credit as earned.

Cooperative Engineering Education Program

Students interested in the Walter P. Murphy Cooperative Engineering Education Program should visit the McCormick Office of Career Development on the second floor of the Ford Building.

Study Abroad

Northwestern encourages students in all of its undergraduate schools to study abroad. Study abroad is a crucial part of a well-rounded undergraduate education. Study Abroad Office staff and advisers will work closely with you to help you connect your academic and personal goals to an international credit-bearing experience.


Segal Design Certificate

The Segal Design Certificate program helps undergraduate students develop design knowledge and skills that provide a competitive edge in their careers. The design certificate focuses on innovative engineering design in a team-based, cross-disciplinary setting, and includes experience identifying and solving real-world problems for actual clients. The culmination of the design certificate is an engineering design portfolio to be created and presented by each student.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Minor in Entrepreneurship (CE), offered through the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first-hand through projects and environments that offer students experiential learning. Innovation, by its nature, requires many different disciplines to work closely together as an integrated team.

Kellogg School of Management Certificate Program for Undergraduates

Major business decisions hinge on accurately applying and interpreting financial, analytical, and strategic models. The Kellogg School of Management Certificate Program for Undergraduates addresses the need, in an increasingly complex world, to skillfully examine large amounts of data in context with trends in science, technology, economics, and politics. Analytical models taught in this program can be applied to business scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions, valuation, asset management, new products, strategy formulation, supply chain design, and pricing.

Medill School of Journalism Undergraduate IMC Certificate Program

The five-credit undergraduate IMC certificate program prepares students for positions in advertising, marketing, public relations, and corporate communications.

Students who complete the certificate will develop skills for understanding and analyzing consumers in traditional markets and newly forming communities and networks. They will learn about message creation and delivery through a wide variety of media channels, and they will demonstrate knowledge and application of basic qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, now necessities in this field.