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In general, admissions are made to the ME department and not to any individual faculty member or group. The adviser selection process occurs in the fall quarter once the students are in residence at Northwestern University.

In early fall, every new student will have an opportunity to meet with all the faculty members in the department to explore research interests. In addition, faculty will make presentations on their active research projects. By mid-fall, the students will indicate their preferences for research advisers. By the end of the fall quarter, adviser assignments are made based on these preferences.

Pre-Selection Advisers

Pre-selection of advisers: The adviser selection process described above is in the best interests of the student in finding the most suitable match of research interests. In rare circumstances, where the interests of a student are very well aligned with that of a particular group (as demonstrated by prior research activities, for instance), it may be possible to pre-select an adviser. Please contact the director of graduate studies if you want to explore the possibility of pre-selecting an adviser.