Graduate Study
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Society (MEGSS)

The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Society (MEGSS) provides a student voice on departmental issues like faculty selection and curriculum matters. In this way, the concerns of the graduate students help shape the way the ME graduate program is run. To facilitate this, members of MEGSS attend select faculty meetings and sit on the Graduate Studies Committee and the Faculty Search Committees.

In addition to offering feedback to the faculty and department, we actively plan and sponsor social events to promote intra-departmental interaction between faculty, staff, and students across all years and research areas.

We also provide information and guidance to incoming and current ME graduate students to help them make informed decisions about their academic careers.

All mechanical engineering grads are encouraged to participate in our activities. Any feedback or suggestions for improvement that you might have are also welcome.


Photo of Sylvia  Tan

Sylvia Tan


Sylvia is a third-year PhD student in Professor Ed Colgate’s and Michael Peshkin's lab working in haptics. She loves discovering new places to eat, travelling, and making pottery.  

Photo of Sanjana Subramaniam

Sanjana Subramaniam


Sanjana is a third-year PhD student in Profs. Jian Cao and Kornel Ehmann's group. Her hobbies include drawing/painting, reading, cooking, and weightlifting.

Photo of Muchen Sun

Muchen Sun

Professional Development Chair

Muchen is a second year PhD student in Prof. Murphey's group. He likes watching comedies and he thinks Community is the best show ever. He is also part of the Northwestern Public Speaking Club, feel free to contact him for more information about the club!

Photo of Lin Liu

Lin Liu

Recruitment Chair

Lin is a third-year PhD student in Professor Kevin Lynch's lab working on robot shepherding and human-robot interaction. She enjoys drawing, traveling, and playing tabletop and video games.

Photo of Heather White

Heather White

Recruitment Chair

Heather got her bachelor's degree in biological engineering from Mississippi State University before deciding to pursue her PhD in mechanical engineering at Northwestern University. As a member of the Keten lab group, she researches hierarchical structures using molecular dynamics techniques. In her spare time, she enjoys PC gaming, chatting with friends, and walks along the lake.

Photo of Allie Pinosky

Allie Pinosky

Social Chair

Allie is a third-year PhD student in Todd Murphey's group. She enjoys cooking and eating food with friends (old and new). Other hobbies include walking, listening to podcasts, and reading.

Photo of Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis

Social Chair

Drew is a second-year PhD student in the Center for Robotics and Biosystems. When he's not doing research, Drew enjoys cooking and being outdoors!

Photo of Katarina Popovic

Katarina Popovic

Professional Development Chair

Katarina is a forth-year PhD student in Todd Murphey's lab. Her interests span from culinary activities to outdoor adventures and newly found passion for audio books. She’s also part of the SWE's graduate chapter's Outreach and Mentorship Committee and her favorite MEGSS initiative is the mentorship program geared towards incoming PhD students.

Photo of Tobias Martin

Tobias Martin

Social Chair

Tobias is a second-year PhD student working with Professors Jane Wang and Yip-Wah Chung in the tribology group.  He enjoys collecting records, cooking, and biking.

Photo of Jacob  Graham

Jacob Graham

Social Chair

Jacob is a second year PhD student in Sinan Keten’s computational nanodynamics laboratory. Outside of the office, he enjoys training with the NU Triathlon Club, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends.